Smaller systems

Public Service of New Jersey
Newark, New Jersey July 1968. This car was from Twin City Rapid Transit Company where it was numbered 362. It was received by Twin Cities from St. Louis Car Co. in the summer of 1947 and sold to PSNJ in March, 1953.
Newark, New Jersey October 1970. Car 15 was number 334 in the Twin Cities.
Newark, New Jersey October 1970. Car 24 was number 363 in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Public Service of New Jersey had 30 PCC cars, all from Twin Cities.

Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Car 79 was part of an order of 25 cars received in late 1948 from Pullman. They were heavy cars, weighing 43100 lbs. 50′ long, and 9′ wide, and all were equipped for multiple-unit service. The Shaker Rapid was formally called at that time City of Shaker Heights, Department of Transportation.
Car 45, one of 10 cars received in the spring of 1959 from St. Louis Public Service Co., was numbered 1771 in St. Louis. All the St. Louis cars were converted to rapid transit operation at the Kingsbury Run shops. Shaker also bought 10 cars from Twin Cities. Five were equipped for multiple-unit operations and the other half remained single-unit cars.
Shaker Rapid operated an Illinois Terminal Railroad Co. PCC which was the reason for this outing in April 1976. This was an order of 8 double-end, all-electric braking cars delivered in October 1949 with St.Louis Car Co. heavy-duty B-3 trucks for suburban service from St.Louis to Granite City. The line quit in June 1958 and the cars were sold to Bierman Iron and Metal Co. in St.Louis where most were likely scrapped. 451 wasn’t and the first time I saw it was at a trolley museum in Columbia Park, Ohio in 1968. They sold it to the Shaker Rapid and there it was in its hometown paint scheme.
Shaker Square
This is on Shaker Boulevard where the opposing highway lanes are so widely separated that it doesn’t look like a boulevard at all. I forgot my railfan filter.

Cleveland Transit System
Cleveland Hopkins Airport May 1970. These cars were built by Pullman in 1968 when the Rapid was extended four miles to the Cleveland airport. CTS, like the Shaker Rapid, became part of the Cleveland RTA in 1975.
Cleveland Hopkins Airport May 1970. This is one of the original cars built for the Rapid in 1955.
Can’t remember exactly what what the locations are here and the following two. May 1970
May 1970
May 1970
This is from an eastbound CTS rapid car on the Cuyahoga River viaduct in May 1970.