$ 1 bus fee included in the quote

A trial of $ 1 bus fares or free travel for short trips could be imposed by Dunedin City Council.

He can also ask the Otago Regional Council to try a free downtown bus, review schedules, schedule shift workers, switch to electric buses, bring express services to places such as Mosgiel and Port Chalmers and explore the commuter train.

The list of suggestions offered by the city council comes at the same time as it continues to seek a transfer of the Dunedin public bus services from the Otago Regional Council to itself.

Tomorrow, city councilors will debate a draft submission of their council to the regional council concerning its draft public transport plan 2021-31.

The draft submission references a $ 2 fixed rate trial, which is due to end on June 30.

City council appears ready to advocate for keeping fixed fares or lower fares, suggesting area council to try $ 1 fares or free travel for short trips after they became more expensive when the Bee card was introduced last September.

In its draft submission, the city council asks for details on the rates from July of this year.

The council also expresses concern over the proposed withdrawal of cash from buses from 2024, fearing “a disproportionate impact on certain groups who already risk being disadvantaged in transport.”

This should be compensated by offering more cash-charging facilities near bus stops, the council says in its draft submission.

Other suggestions include test services connecting towns such as Middlemarch and Outram, and increasing the frequency of the Palmerston-Dunedin route.

A loop bus through Dunedin’s commercial district would have an operating cost of between $ 400,000 and $ 1.65 million, depending on the route chosen.

This would improve access to the central business district, says the city council in its draft submission.

The council suggests an increased level of service to provide motorists with viable alternatives and to provide options for shift workers.

Its draft submission recommends a rapid conversion of the bus fleet from diesel to electric or alternative fuel.

It also promotes express services to Mosgiel and Port Chalmers during peak hours and the commuter train as a low-carbon mode of transport.

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