9.45% increase in the use of the UTS app for the purchase of commuter rail tickets

Mumbai is going digital for travel. The contribution of mobile ticketing is increasing day by day as people prefer using the digital mode rather than queuing. Sources have indicated that an increase of around 9.45% is seen in the use of the UTS app for purchasing commuter train tickets. Since lockdown restrictions eased, more people are returning to local trains; and their choice of buying tickets is shifting to app-based e-tickets.

Railway officials are excited to see this change especially as the National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) is in the works and can also be used to travel inside local commuter trains, BEST buses and cabs. “Digital ticketing is the future of public transit. We are seeing people moving towards mobile ticketing and card ticketing which is a good sign,” a senior railway official said.

App-based ticketing systems are an innovation that will survive the pandemic and will help both passengers and railways in several ways, such as making the transaction paperless and initiating a transition to a more paperless digital economy. numerary. According to figures from Central Railway, in the month of May, more than 80 lakh people traveled using the UTS app on which 16 lakh more tickets were sold by the railway authorities.

By January this year, CR had sold 6.63 lakh tickets on the UTS app which was used by 37.14 lakh commuters. The current daily average of tickets sold on the UTS app reflects a daily average of 54,635 tickets used by over 3 lakh commuters on a daily average. According to railway officials, before the Covid-19 induced lockdown; as of March 2020, a total of 12.79 lakh UTS mobile local train tickets have been booked.

Passenger associations say that instead of charging service fees, railways should give discounts for booking the UTS app. “It will build people’s confidence to opt for digital train ticket booking using the UTS app,” said S Gupta, a daily rail commuter and passenger association member.

People also feel that the system works well but needs a lot of improvement in terms of a complaints mechanism. Recently, UPI payments have also been enabled in the app. Since December 2021, it has seen gradual growth with 5.93 lakh tickets booked through the UTS app which has been used by 33.90 lakh people for travel.

After Covid, an increasing number of commuters are opting for the UTS digital mobile ticketing system. This has certainly increased the share of digital ticketing and purchasing travel tickets and season tickets through the UTS mobile app. Several trips were made to different stations to educate passengers about the features of the UTS app, how to download it and how to use it.

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