Andrew Marr: What was P&O Ferries thinking laying off 800 employees like this in the modern era?

March 17, 2022, 6:08 PM | Updated: March 17, 2022, 6:12 PM

Andrew Marr wondered what P&O Ferries was thinking when they announced the layoff of 800 staff.

Speaking in a monologue on Thursday night with Andrew Marr, he also questioned whether Vladimir Putin’s “bizarre, even fascist” rant raises the question of whether the Russian president can deal with anyone.

This preceded his questioning of the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, on the exclusive Global Player show.

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Mr Marr said: “Sometimes there’s just one question that hangs over a whole week – that matters more than the passing stories, all the daily ups and downs.

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“This week, it was simple: can we end this bloody war by talking?

“Yesterday I told you about newspaper reports of a 15-point peace plan being developed between Ukraine and Russia.

“But today, following a rather bizarre, even fascist rant by Russian President Vladimir Putin, we have to wonder if this man is ready or able to make any type of transaction with anyone. it would be ?

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“A lot of dark political psychology will come later. But we cannot, in the meantime, forget what is happening here at home, where psychologists, political or otherwise, may also be urgently needed.

“I spoke to Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the brilliant and highly respected Speaker of the House of Commons, about allegations of bullying and misconduct there – you’ll hear from him in a minute.

“But there is also this extraordinary story of the shipping company P&O Ferries which laid off 800 seafarers by video call – so that they could be replaced, says their union, by foreign contract workers.

“Some sailors are still refusing to leave their ships tonight. Tonight P&O may not have noticed that it’s 2022. What were they thinking?”

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