As Gas Prices Rise, Transit Agencies Brace for More Riders – CBS Dallas/Fort Worth

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Transit agencies are monitoring ridership, as high gas prices could cause more people to turn to trains and buses as an alternative to the car.

The change is not expected to be immediate, but rather over the next few months as drivers begin to notice the cumulative costs of higher prices.

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Already, a driver filling up a 12-gallon car once a week in North Texas is paying $70 more per month than last year. A monthly pass for Trinity Metro costs $80.

Routes that can replicate long journeys, including along I-35W, and the Trinity Railway Express commuter train should be the first to see new demand.

Welcoming new runners is not a problem. Data from the North Central Texas Council of Governments shows average daily ridership through January is still down from post-pandemic levels. It’s also less than half of the all-time highs that occurred between late 2012 and 2014, the last time gasoline prices rose. Around 15,660 people used the Trinity subway system daily in January

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Trinity Metro’s vice president of planning, Chad Edwards, said that as routes begin to fill up over time, the agency will begin to take a closer look at the locations and frequencies of their transit options. .

“How do we serve the public using our system,” he said, is what the agency considers in planning. “And if 30 minutes or 15 minutes doesn’t work for them, what are our other options?”

A DART spokesperson said planners would monitor more than 20 base frequent routes for any necessary changes.

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While fuel prices change daily, fare changes for public transit are expected to remain stable.

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