Assystem to manage the Ispartakule-Çerkezköy railway project in Turkey


The French company Assystem has been awarded a contract to manage the development of a new segment of 67 km of electrified high-speed rail line between Ispartakule and Çerkezköy in Turkey.

The rail route will connect the country to the trans-European transport network (TEN-T) via Bulgaria.

Assystem was chosen by the Director General of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Turkey.

The company will oversee the execution of the project and provide various technical support activities to the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) of AYGM for 51 months.

As agreed, Assystem will offer assistance with environmental and social implementation and compliance management, training of the AYGM’s PIU, assistance with the acquisition and implementation of contracts, as well as ” technical assistance in railway engineering.

It will also study the design and technical specifications as well as provide financial documentation compliance management and project reporting, monitoring and evaluation.

Assystem Turkey Managing Director Kerem Sadiklar said: “The Ispartakule and Çerkezköy rail line is a vital regional connectivity project and we are delighted to bring our expert services to the development of a large-scale electrified rail network. modern speed in Turkey that will allow people and goods to move faster while minimizing carbon emissions.

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“The needs of the transport sector, which is rapidly decarbonizing and digitizing today, match Assystem’s capabilities, combining our experience in the life cycle management of complex low-carbon power plants with the deployment of the latest digital methods and tools for managing data on transport projects.

The new 67 km high-speed rail line will feature solutions such as the European level 1 rail traffic management system, power supply and auxiliaries.

This double-track electrified railway line will allow trains to run at a maximum speed of 200 km / h.

Last month, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) approved funding of $ 338.02 million (€ 300 million) for the Ispartakule-Cerkezkoy railway project.

This project will also guarantee $ 169.01 million (€ 150 million) in loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

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