Benton County Transit gets new name, phone and website

The Benton County Transit Program has launched its new brand. Formally known as the Special / Rural Transit Program, and often referred to as the county contractor, Dial-a-Bus, the name change brings a new name: Benton Area Transit (affectionately known as BAT), logo and color scheme.

In the coming weeks, community members can expect to see the new brand appear on county transit vehicles and in their outreach materials. The main demand response service for the elderly and disabled has been named “BAT Lift”. General transit services remain Coast to Valley Express and 99 Express for the time being.

In addition to the name change from Benton Area Transit, the transit program has a new service phone number at 541-766-6700 where people can call with questions about our services, provide feedback and / or request a trip.

The new public transport website,, hosts information about the services that the program provides to the community. Real-time passenger information is currently available on the website, showing where BAT buses are located and when they will arrive at stops. More,general public transport services are now available on the Transit app, and soon individuals will be able to purchase passes and fares through the app.

Along with rebranding efforts, Benton Area Transit is undergoing the following operational changes:

May 3, 2021 Benton Area Transit has changed the way it provides service in the North Albany area. The new service is called North Albany Service and it is similar to a bus route, with defined stops at popular locations in Corvallis and North Albany. People certified through BAT’s eligibility process have the option to request door-to-door rides when the bus is in their area. This service operates four times a day between Corvallis, Adair Village and North Albany, Monday through Friday. Please visit the BAT website for more information.

July 1, 2021 – Coast to Valley Express, a partnership service between Benton Area Transit and Lincoln County Transit that travels between Albany, Corvallis and Newport seven days a week, will change its schedule to expand from four to six trips per day. A new schedule will soon be available reflecting this change. The cost of a one-way trip on the Coast to Valley Express will be reduced from $ 10 per trip to $ 6 per trip. Children 5 and under accompanied by an adult travel free.

Service issues:541-766-6700

Eligibility questions:541-766-6318

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