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Mumbai: The National High Speed ​​Rail Corporation Ltd (NHSRCL) has canceled the tenders launched in November 2019 for the construction of the underground terminus at BKC for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail project, the government of State not having ceded the land. After the tenders were launched, NHSRCL had given nearly 11 extensions in anticipation of the BKC land which would soon be handed over to them.
An NHSRCL official said, “Approval for land handover was received on February 26, 2018, but the state has shown no willingness to hand over the land. Our demands have gone unheeded since September 2020.”
The 4.2 hectare pocket of land to BKC was awarded by the state on the condition that the feasibility of the proposed International Finance and Services Center (IFSC) would not be compromised. The state also insisted that the cost of land be adjusted according to the capital contribution of the Maharashtra government.
In order for construction work to begin, MMRDA must also move a BPCL fuel pump to another location. Even that was not done. MMRDA cited the presence of a Covid-19 care facility for its failure to cede land for the BKC terminal.
NHSRCL designed the BKC station as an integrated structure (underground station with the IFSC structure above) to support a 60m high building above. The tender for the BKC station was proposed to be launched in November 2018. Later, MMRDA informed of the plan to raise the height of the IFSC building to 95m, which required a design change.
The tender was finally launched on November 20, 2019, with March 19, 2020 as the submission date. Due to the pandemic and the unavailability of the revised design, the tender opening date was extended several times between May 12, 2020 and August 31, 2020. Another official said “This decision indicates that the Ministry of Railways has resigned to the fact that it will not receive any cooperation from the state government.

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