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Hello fellow snipers!

The Trap Club is now open to all trap shooters at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays. New, experienced, young and over-the-hill gang are all welcome and mentoring is available.

Our targets are the all-orange clays of the White Flyer, and the houses meet Hobbyist Trap Association standards. We currently offer singles and doubles shootings.

Regular shooting days are Saturday and Sunday at 10 a.m., open to all shooters, but our high school team practice and practice on Saturday. Sunday is the best day to shoot with the over-the-hill gang because we have two trap houses, so wait time is usually not a problem.

The two biggest accomplishments of the 2020-2021 shooting year for our club were the successful league shoots by our high school trap team and our ATA certification allowing us to hold recorded ATA shoots. We are currently working on scheduling shoots so as not to interfere with other clubs nearby.

The Duke’s Claybusters (our high school trap team) have been really successful this year in both league and individual achievements with their first two places and a second place finish.

The filming of Big Sky I-Net presented a stunning engraved plaque to the top junior team and the second team. They also gave a belt buckle to the top junior shooter and the top sub-junior shooter.

The Camas Prairie League also presented a stunning plaque, engraved on first place and finalist teams in their Winter League competition, and individual awards such as the new Junior Shooter Top Score. There are 24 clubs in the Camas Prairie league.

The spokesperson-review’s phone shoot had more than 26 clubs entered, but there were no trophies or awards.

“I remember my first trophy,” recalls coach Lonny Jelinek. “I took 1st place at the Naples Primary School. Even back then we had to get good grades or we couldn’t participate in the track team. The goal was to make the team as well as the individual. I remember shooting ground squirrels from the cow grazing to keep the cattle from breaking their legs. I guess you would call it bounty hunting because my brothers and I got 0, $ 05 a tail, but I guess the biggest trophy I won was my first deer and help feed the family.

What I’m trying to convey is that these trophies are important. Putting all the enthusiasm and learning into our youngsters, good grades, integrity and marksmanship are important.

The Bonners Ferry Gun Club, the Lance Schoeman Family Trophy (Heron, MT), the Bill Nelson and Jamie Fulton family of Wildwood Leatherworks have created a trophy in honor of the high school snare team ” Duke’s Claybusters “Bonners Ferry for the 2021 Best Junior Trap Team-Review spokesperson, which included all the names of the team members. It will be on display at our local high school after its tenure ends at Pace-Kirby downtown.

I call on all Spokesman-Review Winter League clubs to consider donating an old trophy or small donation to our Youth Trap Fund. Let’s show some appreciation for our youth clubs in all sports.

Kudos to Tom Daniels and the rifle division crew for setting two national records in two years, and to the young rifle shooters.

Shoot safely and keep your powder dry.

Coach Lonny

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