California and Japan Partner to Strengthen Economic and Trade Relations and Fight Climate Change

Partnership will bring more investment from Japan to California, increase information sharing on critical technologies and clean energy priorities, and strengthen business relationships

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today met with Japanese Ambassador to the United States Koji Tomita to strengthen economic cooperation and investment between California and Japan, and build on previous engagement with a framework on how we can fight climate change and together accelerate the transition to clean transport. . The Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) signed covers climate change, trade and investment, renewable energy, energy storage, trade, zero emission vehicles (ZEV), high-speed train ( HSR) and other passenger rail services, public transport and water conservation and management.

This JI includes a flexible framework between California and Japan to focus on two common goals: strengthening climate-related activities and promoting renewable and clean energy; and deepening our trade and investment relationships, including providing trade opportunities and exploring investments in clean energy vehicles. This MOC builds on the previous version signed in 2014 by Governor Brown.

“California is a driving force for change in this world and we will continue to foster innovation and partnerships that will help address the world’s most pressing challenges,” Governor Newsom said. “We are strengthening our partnership with Japan to fight climate change, strengthen the clean energy economy, and launch new investment and business opportunities between Californian and Japanese companies.”

“Eight years ago, I was working in Tokyo when the first Memorandum of Cooperation was signed, and I hoped the document would serve as a catalyst to expand our partnership by promoting events and business exchanges. Today, I am very pleased to be able to renew this document to further strengthen the California-Japan partnership on climate change, economic and trade relations,” said Ambassador Tomita.

Governor Newsom and Ambassador Tomita meet in Sacramento.

This MOC will allow California and Japan to cooperate on projects, information sharing, research and development, investments, etc. in the following areas: climate change; trade and investment; renewable energy; Energy storage; business exchange; zero-emission vehicles; high-speed train and other public transport services; and water conservation and management.

A copy of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed today can be viewed here.


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