Catalytic converters stolen from Heritage Village vehicles

SOUTHBURY – An investigation is underway into the recent theft of several catalytic converters on East Hill Road.

The theft of several vehicle emission control devices belonging to the Heritage Village Masters Association – a community for adults 55 and older – was reported Thursday morning.

Catalytic converters have become a staple of thieves and vehicles in the Danbury area have not been spared.

The rising value of rhodium and palladium is believed to be a driving force behind an increase in catalytic converter theft, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Southbury has had a number of catalytic converter thefts so far this year – including in January, when four catalytic converters were stolen from buses parked at the Southbury Senior Center on South Main Street.

At least two incidents of catalytic converter theft were reported in May – one at Shawn & Sons Automotive on Southford Road and the other at the suburban lot at Interstate 84, Exit 15.

Southbury Police say a catalytic converter was stolen from Shawn & Sons on the afternoon of May 19, and video surveillance showed a suspect entering the premises in a possibly older blue Honda Accord model with newer wheels.

A week later, two catalytic converters were stolen from a 2005 Chevrolet Express van parked in the commuter parking lot, state police said.

NICB public affairs director Tully Lehman said fleet trucks, buses, vans and some SUVs are commonly targeted because their high clearance makes it easier to access catalytic converters.

A catalytic converter can be removed in minutes and costs a victim up to thousands of dollars to have it replaced, according to the NICB.

Southbury Police are asking anyone with information about the recent catalytic converter theft to call 203-264-5912.

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