Commuter buses

Protect assets or “we all have problems”

BOSTON (SHNS) – The most serious impacts of climate change may still be decades away, but senators conveyed to state transportation officials and utility leaders on Monday the importance of considering close their vulnerabilities now and develop detailed plans to address short, medium and long term shortcomings. Members of the …

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UCSD implements new parking permit policies

Beginning in the fall term of 2021, UC San Diego Transportation Services has made changes to its parking permit system for students and staff. Instead of the monthly, quarterly, and annual parking permit options previously available, consecutive day permits will instead be the primary form of parking permit available to …

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How to fix traffic hell in New York City

If you’ve recently found yourself in a car in New York – if you’ve had the experience of traveling along Flatbush Avenue on a Friday afternoon – you’ve probably spent some time making up some angry new four-letter words. . Traffic that was manically horrible before the pandemic (before it …

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