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Ferry & Car Ferry News The Irish Sea ferry industry is like any other sector of the shipping industry, in that it is made up of a myriad of vessel operators, owners, managers, charterers who all help provide a network of routes operated by a variety of vessels designed for different but similar purposes.

All of this ferry activity involves conventional ferry tonnage, “ro-pax”, where the main design of the vessel is to carry more cargo capacity than passengers. This is in some cases however, in total contradiction to the fast boats where they carry a lot more passengers and charge a premium.

In reporting the ferry scene, we take a look at the ever-changing trends in this industry, as rival ferry operators compete in an intensive environment, battling for market share in the fallout from the economic crisis. All this has consequences that some feel immediately, while sometimes the effects can be prolonged in time, leading to the detriment of others, through reduced competition or a takeover, or even a complete suppression of the market, as has been the case. the case in recent years.

Due to these difficult times there are of course winners and losers, as evidenced by the tendency to use high speed ferries only during the high season summer months and on shorter trips. Additionally, where fastcraft once dominated the ferry scene, during the heady days from the mid-90s, they were replaced by recent newcomers in the form of ‘fast ferry’ and with increased levels of luxury. , but appearing to be forming as a profitable alternative.

Regardless of the type of vessel deployed on the Irish Sea routes (between 2 and 9 hours), it is the ferry companies that turn the wheels of the industry, as freight vehicles literally (roll- on and roll-off) ships coupled with motorized tourists and the humble passenger “on foot” carried 363 days a year.

As such, the exclusive freight-only operators provide important trade routes between Ireland and the UK, where the freight transport customer is the ‘king’ to generate year-round revenue for the ferry operator. However, the custom built tonnage brought into service in recent years has exceeded the capacity level of the Irish Sea in some areas of the freight market.

A prime example of the necessity of commerce that we consumers often look to on a daily basis, though we no doubt wonder how it reached our shores, is the delivery of perishable goods just in time to fill our supermarket shelves.

A visual manifestation of this is the arrival each morning and evening at our main ports, where a combination of ferries, ro-ro ships and fast boats all descend at the same time. Essentially, this is a marine version of our rush hour highway traffic in and out along the suburban belts.

Across the Celtic Sea, coverage of the ferry scene also includes direct overnight ferry routes from Ireland connecting French ports in north-western Brittany and Normandy.

Due to the seasonality of these routes to Europe, the ferry scene can be mostly operated between February and November, but this in no way lessens competition from operators.

Noting that it has been planned over the years to operate a direct Irish-Iberian ferry service, which would open up existing markets and develop new freight markets. If a direct service were to open up, it would also bring new opportunities to holidaymakers, where Spain is the most visited country in the EU visited by Irish holidaymakers … heading for the sun!

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After heavy snowfall, the rain takes over; ferry crossings canceled due to winds https://pccmph.com/after-heavy-snowfall-the-rain-takes-over-ferry-crossings-canceled-due-to-winds/ Fri, 07 Jan 2022 19:05:21 +0000 https://pccmph.com/after-heavy-snowfall-the-rain-takes-over-ferry-crossings-canceled-due-to-winds/ Environment Canada issued a wind warning: 70 km / h gusting to 90 from Friday morning, continuing until early afternoon

The snow that blanketed the island Thursday morning was expected to turn to rain overnight, but the headaches are not over as the area braces for another round of cold and high winds.

A wind warning was up for the Grand Victoria Friday morning, but all the others Environment Canada weather alerts because the island was finished.

BC Ferries has canceled several crossings between Vancouver Island and the mainland Friday due to high winds. At 10:50 am, 21 departures had been affected.

Environment Canada meteorologist Armel Castellan said temperatures are set to drop again, “so whatever is left on the ground and all that moisture will refreeze, or at least pockets will refreeze.”

This could make driving conditions difficult, said Castellan.

Snow accumulations were significant, with 21 centimeters of fall Thursday at Victoria International Airport setting a record for this site, surpassing the previous January 6 record of 12.2 cm set in 1953.

In total, the storm brought 28 cm of snow. Combined with the snowfall total for December 2021, there has been just over 50cm in the past five weeks.

On Thursday afternoon, Island Health sent “a heartfelt thank you” to the Van Isle 4×4 Club, Victoria HarbourCats, taxis and various neighbors for helping staff work through the difficult conditions.

The Greater Victoria, Saanich and Sooke school districts are all closed for the day, although schools across the province are closed to most students until Monday. A small number of children with special needs and children of essential workers were allowed to attend this week.

Schools have also been closed in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District and the City of Nanaimo has closed all city facilities. Schools reopened on Friday and buses were running, the district said.

The University of Victoria, Camosun College and the University of Vancouver Island also closed, with the VIU shutdown affecting facilities in Nanaimo, Duncan, Parksville and Powell River.

Nearly 20,000 BC Hydro customers on the island were without power as of Thursday morning. As of late afternoon, about 6,200 people on the South Island and about 3,900 on the North Island were without power.

BC Hydro said there was “significant damage” to the power line serving Tahsis and Zeballos. An aerial assessment was carried out on Wednesday, but heavy snowfall overnight limited the ability of workers to access the area. Work was to continue “over the next two days”.

Customers on Quadra Island and Cortes Island were also left without power overnight, with crews scheduled to be on the first ferry on Friday morning.

As of Friday morning, 3,849 customers from the North Island and 728 from the South Island were without electricity, according to the BC Hydro outage list.

BC Ferries faced weather-related issues on a number of routes Thursday, spokeswoman Deborah Marshall said.

“We had teams who had problems accessing the terminal via the road network or we had delays because we had snow removal problems in certain terminals. “

This resulted in the cancellation of the 7am ferry from Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen, as well as the 9am Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay ferry, as well as the first round trip of the day from Duke Point.

The Brentwood Bay-Mill Bay ferry did not operate and some crossings between Crofton and Vesuvius were canceled.

The vast majority of trips were on schedule at noon.

BC Transit delayed bus service until 7 a.m. due to road conditions, then began adding routes as the day wore on and had 19 routes in service at the start of the day. ‘afternoon. This covered the University of Victoria, the Saanich Peninsula, the west coast and the central regions. Later Thursday afternoon, however, a number of routes were canceled for the remainder of the day. Friday, BC Transit said most routes reverted to a regular route.

At Victoria International Airport, weather conditions affected a number of flights. People were advised to check the status of flights before going to the airport.

Poor road conditions have affected garbage collection in some areas. The Township of Esquimalt said canceled and missed residences will have their trash picked up today, while Oak Bay picks up trash but not organics or recycling.

Organics pickup in Oak Bay has been postponed to Saturday, and recycling can be kept until the next pickup day scheduled by residents or dropped off in the Elgin Road municipal yard.

The capital regional district’s blue box recycling collection has also been canceled.

Saanich police warned of the harsh road conditions and advised people to stay in their homes if they did not need to be on the roads. Const. Saanich Police Station. Markus Anastasiades said the most important thing when driving on snow-covered roads is to allow extra stopping distance when approaching intersections or other vehicles.

ICBC said crashes on Vancouver Island related to driving too fast for road conditions were up 65% in January from September – about 56 incidents compared to 34. Slow down and allow more time to travel when driving in bad weather, said ICBC.

“The key to winter driving is to be slow and steady,” the company said. “Avoid sudden, unexpected movements that could cause you to slip. “


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Shields ferry suspends evening service to deal with impact of omicron virus variant https://pccmph.com/shields-ferry-suspends-evening-service-to-deal-with-impact-of-omicron-virus-variant/ Wed, 05 Jan 2022 15:12:19 +0000 https://pccmph.com/shields-ferry-suspends-evening-service-to-deal-with-impact-of-omicron-virus-variant/

The ferry will not operate in the evening until further notice from Monday, January 10, in order to protect the service from the latest wave of Covid-19.

Nexus, the public body that owns and operates the ferry, said the reduction to a 12-hour schedule was a temporary measure to help it manage its staff resources while the more contagious Omicron variant is in circulation. .

Nexus says the change will allow the ferry crew to keep the Trans-Tyne route running by operating separate crews and creating more contingencies if Covid-related illness rates worsen.

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The changes mean the last crossing from North Shields will be at 6 p.m. weekdays and Saturday, starting Monday. Currently, the last departures are at 7:45 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. from South and North Shields Monday through Wednesday, and at 10:40 p.m. and 10:50 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, respectively.

Nexus’ director of customer services, Huw Lewis, said the operator was not happy with the suspension of evening services, but felt there was no choice: “The reduction in services is the last thing we want to do, but these are prudent steps to take now so that we can try to protect the Shields Ferry from further disruption from Covid-19, ”he said.

“By planning a small reduction in service, we hope to avoid short-term cancellations if crew members get sick. This way our customers can better know what to expect and plan their trips with confidence in the weeks to come.

Shields ferry to suspend evening services for the foreseeable future

“This will be kept under review and as the situation improves we may consider restoring the evening crossings when the time is right.

“Customers will still be able to use the service as usual during the day, and we will not be removing any service early in the morning. “

Shields Ferry’s new schedule will mean that the first crossing of the day will still be at 6:45 a.m., Monday through Saturday, but the last crossings will be at 5:45 p.m., from South Shields, and 6:00 p.m. from North Shields.

Sunday ferry schedules do not change and services will continue to operate until 6 p.m.

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Black Ball Ferry sets off again https://pccmph.com/black-ball-ferry-sets-off-again/ Mon, 03 Jan 2022 14:00:00 +0000 https://pccmph.com/black-ball-ferry-sets-off-again/

The Black Ball Ferry Line is sailing again after 18 months of suspended service, reconnecting the shores of the Olympic Peninsula with Victoria, British Columbia. The community of Port Angeles applauded and greeted the first passengers from Canada as they disembarked.

The iconic and beloved MV Coho is the only vessel on the Port Angeles-Victoria route. During its 60 years of service, the ferry has carried millions of cars and passengers. The road is important to communities on both sides of the border, as the traffic promotes tourism and stimulates the local economy.

A pillar of the community

According to a 2019 economic impact study, the MV Coho The ferry route averages over $ 5 million a month in Clallam County. It’s a responsibility the Black Ball Ferry Line takes seriously, according to co-owner and vice president of marketing Ryan Malane.

“It was important for us to maintain a crew to keep the MV Coho in optimal operating condition, even when we have been shut down, ”said David Booth, CFO and co-owner of Black Ball Ferry Line. “We would get the boat out every six weeks and put the machinery to work so that we were ready to go as soon as the border reopened. “

According to a 2019 economic impact study, the MV Coho ferry route brings an average of more than $ 5 million per month to Clallam County.

Anchoring with First Fed

During the pandemic, First Fed helped small businesses take advantage of government assistance through Paycheck Protection Program (P3) Loans and the Main Street Loan Program.

“It is important for us to support local businesses that strengthen our communities,” said Andrew Korchemniy, Director of Commercial Relations for First Fed. “The Black Ball Ferry Line provides an important service to the Olympic Peninsula and to our neighbors in Canada. We were honored to help facilitate their loans to support them during the pandemic. “

After working with First Fed on loan programs, Black Ball Ferry Line also transferred its payroll and direct deposit accounts to First Fed.

“We loved First Fed’s commitment to invest in community businesses,” Malane recalled. “They were extremely welcoming and caring, which we hadn’t found with other banks.”

The MV Coho has transported millions of cars and passengers in its 60 years of service.

The MV Coho has transported millions of cars and passengers in its 60 years of service.

Ready to set sail

The Black Ball Ferry Line website serves more than just a convenient place to make reservations and purchase ferry tickets. It is also kept up to date with the latest COVID testing requirements for crossing the border as well as providing travel packages and services for your trip once you have landed.

“You can get some of the best deals you’ll see on stays in Victoria right now through our packages,” noted Malane. “Hotels have really embraced the US market when they come back to Victoria. They offer us phenomenal prices that we pass on to the customer.

Currently, the ferry operates on its normal winter schedule, two round trips per day. While it’s important to use caution when traveling, proper planning can help ensure an experience that is both safe and fun. From the latest border crossing information to hotel packages, Black Ball Ferry Line employees are happy to help plan your trip.

First Fed is a member of the FDIC and equal real estate lender. Our sales team works with businesses of all sizes, including small businesses like Black Ball Ferry. Meet our team at ourfirstfed.com/business

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‘We would all do it again’: Rescuers rescue elk trapped in ice at Kettle River in Ferry County https://pccmph.com/we-would-all-do-it-again-rescuers-rescue-elk-trapped-in-ice-at-kettle-river-in-ferry-county/ Sat, 01 Jan 2022 14:00:00 +0000 https://pccmph.com/we-would-all-do-it-again-rescuers-rescue-elk-trapped-in-ice-at-kettle-river-in-ferry-county/

In the early hours of the morning, 12 elk were freezing to death in the Kettle River south of Barstow, Ferry County.

Six of the animals did not survive the day. But the other six did, thanks to more than two dozen men and women who spent their Christmas Eve saving them from the freezing water.

Brother-in-law Jeff Stuart and Jordan Fish were on a coyote hunt around 7 a.m. on December 24 when they saw cows and calves that had fallen through the ice and became trapped. About 40 elk stood across the river. They had either crossed successfully or chose not to when they saw what happened to the first 12.

Stuart called his wife, Rylee Stuart, to let her know he was going to get some rope in Barstow, then head to the ice to try and take out the troubled animals.

“I told him I thought it was a terrible idea,” said Rylee Stuart. “My husband, he’s a very stocky man, so he’s not very light, and so him on thin ice – I thought that was a terrible idea.”

Stuart’s husband and brother-in-law discovered that the ice on the bank of the Kettle River was too thin, so they returned home to pick up kayaks.

The rescue group quickly grew. Rylee Stuart drove down to the river with his mother and five children, and by the end of the day more than two dozen people helped take out the elk, covered them with blankets, and warmed them near a fire.

It was not a smooth operation. Rescuers had to walk on the ice, sometimes with one foot in a kayak in case they fell through, to reach the animals.

Stuart said several of the elk were stuck in a rectangular hole in the ice. They were desperately trying to get by, but failed. Some had big gashes on their bodies from the ice or from kicking themselves.

Rescuers wrapped a rope around the elk’s heads to remove them, being careful not to strangle them.

The rescue team managed to get the first swing out of the water by hand, but this method was exhausting, so for the second swing they used a winch attached to a Toyota 4Runner.

“You had to hook those cows, then you had to try to unhook them once you got to the bank, without getting… kicked,” said Rylee Stuart, explaining that rescuers had done their best to remove the elk slowly. “It wasn’t necessarily the easiest task.

None of the rescuers were seriously injured, but not all came out unscathed. Gene Brockman has fallen into icy water several times. Travis Morris broke his hand when the rope he was holding was pulled by a winch. Jordan Fish was kicked in the back of the neck by a swing.

Rylee Stuart said rescuers tried to bring in professionals to help them. Stuart said she called the police but was told there was no officer available for an elk rescue. Stevens County Sheriff’s Office Assistant Michael Swim and his wife Jenni Swim, however, joined the rescue effort.

At first, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife said it couldn’t send anyone to help either, and asked rescuers to let the momentum go and let Mother Nature take its course. However, Fish and Wildlife District 1 officer Severin Erickson later joined the rescue effort.

“Aquatic rescues are so dangerous,” said Staci Lehman, communications director for the eastern region of Fish and Wildlife. “These people were great and they did great things, but you have to be very careful with the water. So we usually tell people not to do anything until a manager is on the scene. “

The rescue did not end until nightfall, around 8 p.m. Ultimately, four calves and two cows died – members of the rescue team recovered the meat – while four cows and two calves survived.

Stuart said one of the elk was particularly memorable.

It was a calf, and when the team brought her to the riverside, she couldn’t stand. Rescuers covered her with blankets and brought her to the fire. They moved his legs.

For hours it looked like she was going to die. All the other elk that couldn’t take it ended up dying.

But she finally managed to walk on her own. Rescuers named her Lucky.

“We cried with those moose, we laughed,” Stuart said.

Stuart said that while no one planned to spend their Christmas Eve in the cold, rescuing frozen elk from the river, it was an incredible experience for everyone involved.

Everyone who helped are outdoor enthusiasts who understood how special it was to spend a day saving elk, said Stuart.

“They’re not like other animals,” she says. “They are majestic. They are so sought after. They’re probably the best animal Washington has to offer, and in order to be able to squeeze a moose – hug a living moose – give CPR a moose, just spend that time with a moose, I don’t think any of them. we don’t regret it. … We would all do it again.

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Crossings canceled as ferry crews wither over virus and bad weather, union says https://pccmph.com/crossings-canceled-as-ferry-crews-wither-over-virus-and-bad-weather-union-says/ Fri, 31 Dec 2021 05:01:00 +0000 https://pccmph.com/crossings-canceled-as-ferry-crews-wither-over-virus-and-bad-weather-union-says/ On Thursday, two Swartz Bay-Tsawwassen return trips were canceled; two Swartz Bay-Salt Spring round trips were canceled on Wednesday

The rapidly spreading Omicron variant of COVID-19, bad weather and the usual winter ailments forced BC Ferries to cancel eight crossings in the past two days, and the president of the union representing ferry workers said travelers should get used to it until 2022.

Eric McNeely, president of the BC Ferry and Marine Workers’ Union, said ferry cancellations due to understaffing are the result of a combination of factors.

“Right now there are seasonal illnesses at this time of year combined with some cases of COVID and the weather hasn’t helped at all,” he said, noting that many members of the crew must commute on the Malahat to get to work in Swartz Bay, navigating heavy snow and difficult driving conditions.

BC Ferries canceled two Coastal Renaissance round trips between Swartz Bay and Tsawwassen on Thursday citing personnel issues. The day before, the company canceled two round-trip crossings between Fulford Port on Salt Spring Island and Swartz Bay due to a Skeena Queen crew issue.

In both cases, BC Ferries said a specific number of crew members are needed to ensure safety in an emergency and to meet Transport Canada regulations.

McNeely said crews aboard BC Ferries ships are stretched out, doing a lot of work and getting burned out.

“Morale is not good,” he said, noting that some catering crews which should number more than 20 are reduced to 14. “So the staff who operate the ships, most are working a lot of overtime and people are getting burned out.

“When you do the work of 20 or 30 people with half of that, it wears people out. “

When asked, BC Ferries did not say why there were staffing issues. The company said drivers who booked would recoup their booking fees.

As for passengers unable to cross between Swartz Bay and Fulford Harbor on Wednesday, BC Ferries directed them to the alternate crossing point between Crofton and Vesuvius Bay. BC Ferries did not offer an optional water taxi service, as it did in November for passengers traveling between Gabriola Island and Nanaimo.

In Gabriola’s case, travel was interrupted due to understaffing due to crew members who had not yet been vaccinated. Free water taxis shuttled between Gabriola and Nanaimo instead of early morning and evening departures.

In a statement, BC Ferries spokeswoman Astrid Braunschmidt said the company can help people without a vehicle get to another crossing point when crossings are canceled.

“Anyone requiring assistance with travel is encouraged to speak to a BC Ferries employee at the terminal, on board the vessel, or by contacting our customer service team. Our staff are ready to assist you and compensation claims are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

McNeely said to tackle staffing issues, the union recommends hiring more people, offering better pay and providing professional development so junior crews can move up through the ranks. “It’s not just about having a crew, it’s about keeping the crew,” he said, noting that having more people to lean on would allow those who wear themselves out to take the time needed to recharge your batteries. “I think the staffing levels have been the lowest in a long, long time. “

BC Ferries recommends getting up-to-date information on departures and departures by following the company on Twitter (@BCFerries), visiting bcferries.com, or calling 1-888-223-3779.


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NV5 named title sponsor of the Korn Ferry Tour Chicago event; https://pccmph.com/nv5-named-title-sponsor-of-the-korn-ferry-tour-chicago-event/ Wed, 29 Dec 2021 13:00:00 +0000 https://pccmph.com/nv5-named-title-sponsor-of-the-korn-ferry-tour-chicago-event/

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., December 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – NV5 Global, Inc. (the “Company” or “NV5”) (Nasdaq: NVEE), a provider of compliance, technology, engineering and environmental consulting solutions, today announced that it has been named the title sponsor of the Korn Ferry Tour Chicago area tournament hosted by the Western Golf Association. The NV5 Invitational will be played at the Glen Club in Glenview, IL from May 26-29, 2022 and will feature a full field of 156 players competing for a purse of $ 750,000. All proceeds will support the Evans Scholars Foundation, which provides full scholarships and housing scholarships to caddies who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need.

Investor Day 2022 NV5
NV5 will be hosting an Investor Day at the Glen Club on Thursday May 26, 2022 during the NV5 Invitational. NV5 will present its growth strategy and demonstrate some of the technologies that are expected to drive its continued growth in high margin geospatial service, data analytics and energy efficiency offerings. Further details will be announced in the run-up to Investor Day 2022 NV5.

“As an engineering and consulting company that supports the country’s infrastructure, we are committed to strengthening the communities in which we live and work through sustainable infrastructure, resource conservation and equity initiatives.” said Dickerson Wright, PE, chairman and CEO of NV5. “We are proud to partner with the PGA TOUR and the Korn Ferry Tour to support the Evans Scholars Foundation and help educate young caddies across the country.”

About the Western Golf Association
The Western Golf Association (WGA) hosts six national golf championships and sponsors the nationally renowned Evans Scholars Foundation. Based in Glenview, Ill., The organization was founded in 1899 by 11 Chicago-area golf clubs to promote their golf interests. In addition to the BMW Championship on the PGA TOUR and the NV5 Invitational on the Korn Ferry Tour, the WGA hosts four prestigious Amateur Championships, the Western Amateur, Western Junior, and the Women’s Western Golf Association Amateur and Junior Championships.

About the Evans Scholars Foundation
Established by the WGA and renowned amateur golfer Charles Chick Evans Jr., the Evans Scholars Foundation provides full housing and tuition scholarships to high performing caddies across the country. Currently, a record 1,070 caddies are enrolled at 21 universities across the country as Evans Fellows. The program, which is supported by the Western Golf Association, is funded by contributions from more than 33,500 Par Club members, including Evans Scholars Alumni, as well as revenue from the BMW Championship. Since the program’s inception in 1930, more than 11,550 caddies nationwide have graduated from Evans Scholars. To learn more, visit http://www.wgaesf.org/.

About the Korn Ferry Tour
Founded (1990), owned and operated by the PGA TOUR, the Korn Ferry Tour identifies and develops the next golf stars, preparing them to compete and win on the biggest stage in the game. The Korn Ferry Tour, which served as Way to the PGA TOUR since its inception, began providing 50 PGA TOUR cards per year in 2013. Each season, the top 25 players get PGA TOUR cards through the Korn Ferry Tour regular season, and an additional 25 players get promoted during the final of the Korn Ferry Tour. With over 590 PGA TOUR titles, 25 major championships and six FedExCup Champions, Korn Ferry Tour alumni represent over 80% of current PGA TOUR members. To learn more about the PGA TOUR, the Korn Ferry Tour, and to follow the quest for a PGA TOUR card throughout the season, visit PGATOUR.com or follow the Korn Ferry Tour on social media.

About NV5
NV5 Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVEE) is a provider of compliance, technology, engineering and environmental consulting solutions for public and private sector clients supporting infrastructure, utilities, and assets and systems. of sustainable construction. The company focuses on several verticals: testing, inspection and consulting, infrastructure, utilities, building and program management, environmental health sciences and geospatial technology services to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to complex problems and improve the life of our communities. NV5 operates from over 100 offices nationwide and abroad. For more information, please visit the Company’s website at www.NV5.com. Also visit the company on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Forward-looking statements
This press release contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The Company cautions that such statements are accompanied by important factors that could cause the results to be published. actuals differ materially from those reflected by the forward-looking statements contained in this press release. These factors include: (a) changes in demand from local and state government and the private customers we serve; (b) general economic conditions, nationally and globally, and their effect on the market for our services; (c) competitive pressures and trends in our industry and our ability to compete successfully with our competitors; (d) changes in laws, regulations or policies; and (e) the “Risk Factors” set out in the Company’s latest filings with the SEC. All forward-looking statements are based on information available to the Company as of the date hereof, and the Company assumes no obligation to update such statements, except as required by law.

Investor Relations Contact

NV5 Global, Inc.
Jack Cochran
Vice-President, Marketing and Investor Relations
Phone. : + 1-954-637-8048
Email: ir@nv5.com

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Heartbroken Chloe Ferry leaves fans in tears with moving tribute to her father who died before Christmas https://pccmph.com/heartbroken-chloe-ferry-leaves-fans-in-tears-with-moving-tribute-to-her-father-who-died-before-christmas/ Mon, 27 Dec 2021 15:40:38 +0000 https://pccmph.com/heartbroken-chloe-ferry-leaves-fans-in-tears-with-moving-tribute-to-her-father-who-died-before-christmas/

CHLOE Ferry left her followers in tears when she revealed her moving Christmas tribute to her father.

The Geordie Shore star, 26, revealed earlier this month that he passed away after a battle with cancer and she made sure to remember him on Christmas Day.


Chloe unveiled a touching tribute to her father
Heartbroken Chloe revealed the sad news earlier this month


Heartbroken Chloe revealed the sad news earlier this month

In a video posted to Instagram, Chloe’s family could be seen opening her gift – a photo her father was featured in.

She could be heard in the background saying, “No one is crying!”

Along with the video, Chloe wrote: “RIP my step dad👼 you asked for a wish on Christmas so we were all happy and together and we are all here we miss you everyday and we wish you were there ❤. “

Chloe’s followers rushed to share messages of support, with one writing: “Aww send love beautiful soul ❤❤❤.”

Another said: “Omg, this photo is beautiful, beautiful thought xxxx❤❤.”

And a third to add: “🤍 I think of you Chloe and your daddy at this time of year 🤍.”

Revealing the sad news earlier this month, Chloe said she would take a break from social media and her work commitments.

She said: “I had a hard time writing this and I still can’t accept what I’m about to say!” Chloe began her statement.

“I’m a very open person and normally happy to share all the details of my life, but this is a time when I really need to have some privacy.

“I unfortunately lost my father after his battle with cancer and it still doesn’t seem real! “

Chloe added, “I’m going to take a break from social media and work engagements.

“As a family we all face this and try to come to terms with it…

“I would really appreciate if you gave me some time to take care of it in my own way!” “

Chloe's father died after battle with cancer


Chloe’s father died after battle with cancer
The star took a hiatus from social media and her professional engagements


The star took a hiatus from social media and her professional engagements
Chloe Ferry poses with rarely seen sibling as she says ‘don’t take family for granted’ after dad dies
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Crew shortages cancel more ferry trips to Washington state https://pccmph.com/crew-shortages-cancel-more-ferry-trips-to-washington-state/ Sun, 26 Dec 2021 02:13:22 +0000 https://pccmph.com/crew-shortages-cancel-more-ferry-trips-to-washington-state/

The Christmas holidays and a coronavirus-related staff shortage have cut Washington State Ferries’ service below even the lightened ‘alternate schedules’ created in October, raising questions whether travelers will face long delays getting home. them Sunday and Monday.

The agency’s long-standing crew shortages have been exacerbated by groundbreaking cases of COVID-19, spokeswoman Suanne Pelley said on Saturday. There were 13 reports of ferry workers who tested positive this week and one the week before, she said. These typically lead to a two-week quarantine and notices to colleagues.

In addition, workers took previously scheduled Christmas days off, she said. The ferry system pays overtime and vacation wages, but dispatchers still couldn’t muster enough staff for full service, she said.

Most routes were reduced to a single-boat service on Saturday, meeting minimum “alternate schedules” imposed this fall to deal with crew shortages. The WSF has often been successful in staffing two boats per route in recent weeks and has called these trips “extra”. Not on Saturday.

Drivers were already waiting two hours at the Edmonds and Kingston wharves at noon and two hours at Clinton, for trips to Mukilteo. The delays eased by the end of the afternoon.

Inter-island service in the San Juans was canceled on Saturday. Only two of the four boats had to make the trip between the islands and Anacortes, due to a lack of crew.

And the little Point Defiance-Tahlequah road was canceled. Anyone traveling between Vashon Island and Tacoma had to use the Vashon North Terminal to Fauntleroy or Southworth, then head south. The north-Vashon “triangle” service was already operating with only two boats between three terminals. A medical emergency canceled a trip from Southworth to Vashon at 4:30 p.m.

Ferry officials hope they can relaunch that route by Sunday and aim to bring a third boat back to the San Juans by Monday, Pelley said.

The coronavirus remains a problem, even though ferry workers have been required to get vaccinated since October 18. The retirements (and frequent quarantines) were already shaking the workforce of 1,800 this year, before 22 sailors retired and 129 resigned in October, largely because they opposed Vaccination mandate by Governor Jay Inslee for public officials.

The WSF has increased its pandemic-ravaged training courses in recent months, but long-term solutions are expected to require more operational funding from the legislature, as well as training reforms, promotions and employment contracts, as well as new ships.

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BC Ferries, YYJ See Passenger Numbers Rise This Holiday Season https://pccmph.com/bc-ferries-yyj-see-passenger-numbers-rise-this-holiday-season/ Fri, 24 Dec 2021 01:21:00 +0000 https://pccmph.com/bc-ferries-yyj-see-passenger-numbers-rise-this-holiday-season/

With just two days of Christmas, many people on Vancouver Island take the plane or ferry to spend time with their families during the holiday season.

By midday Thursday, it was fairly quiet at Victoria International Airport, with most major passenger flights to destinations such as Toronto and Calgary leaving early in the morning. Victoria Airport Authority staff say air passenger traffic has increased since September 2021, but even in the days leading up to Christmas, air travel is down from pre-pandemic levels.

“December has been relatively good and I think everyone is happy to see passengers traveling,” said Rod Hunchak, director of business development and community relations for the Victoria Airports Authority.

“During this week, we have on average about 4,000 arriving and departing passengers, and that has been pretty consistent over the past few days.”

Hunchak says the last year the airport saw such a large number of passengers traveling there was in 2019. He says now, as more and more people choose to travel by air, the airport is a lot busier than it was in 2020.

He says despite the high transmission rate of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 and BC health officials recommending people stay close to home, the airport has not seen large numbers of passengers cancel. their flights.

“People probably already had plans in place and it was really up to them to decide whether they were going to continue their travels or not,” Hunchak said. “Previously, when we had ads like this, it wasn’t that close to the holidays. This time around, it was pretty uncertain how the holiday season would go this year. “

Hunchak said the Victoria Airport Authority was increasing cleaning and disinfection of all touch points within the airport to minimize the spread of COVID-19. He says the airport has had a policy of mandatory mask use inside the terminal for some time. All people over 12 years old must be fully immunized to travel by air to Canada.

Meanwhile, at the Swartz Bay ferry terminal, travelers are rushing through the Greater Vancouver area and other parts of British Columbia.

The ferry operator has added a number of additional sailings to its busiest crossings, including the route from Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen. He says if you need to take a ferry during the holiday season, it is advisable to make a reservation.

“If you are traveling without a reservation, we would expect to have wait times during peak hours,” said Deborah Marshall, executive director of public affairs for BC Ferries.

“What we find during the holiday period is a period of about 10 days when traffic is busy from the 23rd to New Years.”

Marshall says passengers traveling on BC Ferries should wear masks in public areas of terminals and on board a ferry. She says BC Ferries has also increased cleaning and disinfection across the company’s entire fleet.

“We remind customers that if you feel sick, please stay home,” she said.

Staff at BC Ferries and the Victoria Airport Authority say they are advising people to give themselves more time to get to their destinations to avoid additional stress while traveling during the Christmas season.

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