CATS experiences third straight day of delays due to bus driver absences

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) — For the third day in a row, passengers in Charlotte should expect delays due to a large number of bus driver absences.

On Friday morning, the Charlotte Area Transit System tweeted that riders should “expect intermittent delays on CATS bus routes” due to operator absences.

He said there were 92 operator absences. Thursday that number was 97, while Wednesday was 107.

CATS said these absences occur due to a number of factors. Some may be unforeseen, and in other cases it may be a planned vacation, childcare issues or time off. CATS is also still struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Officials said CATS needed 292 operators a day to provide the service, meaning almost a third of the required operators were absent on Friday. On average, 23 employees are absent per day.

CATS says the contracted organization that manages the operation and maintenance of their buses, Transit Management of Charlotte, is working to attract more bus operators in a variety of ways, including through trade shows. ‘use.

It’s not just delays that affect transit service. A WBTV survey shows that CATS buses haven’t shown up thousands of times already this year.

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