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In July 2021, China unveiled the world’s fastest train in Qingdao city, east China’s Shandong province.

The maglev train, which can travel at up to 600 kilometers per hour, was developed in China and reconstructed in Qingdao, according to Reuters.

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By “floating”

The maglev train (short for “magnetic levitation”) breaks the current speed barrier by literally “floating”.

According to World time, the high-speed maglev train is suspended and guided above the railroad tracks via an electromagnetic force, its resistance coming only from the air.

CNN reported that the average high-speed train in China currently operates at around 350 kilometers per hour, while planes fly at around 800-900 kilometers per hour.

Screenshot via New China TV YouTube

Screenshot via New China TV YouTube

Screenshot via New China TV YouTube

According to Liang Jianying, deputy general manager and chief engineer of China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) Sifang, the maglev train is also safer, emits less noise pollution, and requires less maintenance than other high-speed trains.

Not yet deployed

At 600 kilometers per hour, the new maglev train will travel from Beijing to Shanghai (~ 1,000 km) by train in two and a half hours.

This is compared to a three-hour journey by plane, or a five-and-a-half-hour high-speed train journey today.

While the train was assembled, however, no track line for the 600 km / h maglev train has yet been deployed in China, according to the. World time.

He added that several new maglev networks are reportedly under construction, including one connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou and another connecting Chengdu and Chongqing.

A 1000 km / h model

According to a recent article by World time, there is, however, even faster to come.

An even faster train – a low-vacuum high-speed maglev train that is said to reach a speed of 1,000 kilometers per hour, in Datong, northern China’s Shanxi Province – is expected to begin construction soon. .

A two-kilometer test line is expected to be completed by June 2022, while another 15-kilometer test line will be built within two years.

The long-term plan provides for a 60-kilometer “rail” line.

It comes as China continues to prioritize the development of high-speed rail for the country, with the aim of making “three-hour transport circles” between major cities a reality.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Transport, China has the largest high-speed rail network in the world in 2020, with tracks covering 38,000 kilometers and serving 95% of cities with more than one million inhabitants.

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Top image via New China TV YouTube

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