City of Norfolk expands public transit

NORFOLK, Nebraska (KCAU) — George Welsh has lived in Norfolk for 50 years. At a time when transportation is so expensive, he said the service would be crucial for himself as well as for low-income people.

“Well, I think with the price of fuel the way it is, and I’m retired, it gives me a fixed income. I’m not interested in paying $25 to $30 more a week for gas,” Welsh said.

Welsh said the new service will help everyone from employees to retirees.

“All that stuff shows growth and action from the city of Norfolk, which has been really good for me since 1972,” Welsh said.

Jeffrey Stewart is the general manager of North Fork Area Transit. He said that this transport will be free throughout the month of April.

“We’re offering free rides for the month of April because we really want parents to go out with their kids and try the service and give it a shot,” Stewart said.

Stewart also said he expects the service to be important for those in need.

“Obviously, public transit gives them the ability to get around, but it also makes it available to people who may not have a vehicle, who need to get to the grocery store or to work, c So it’s really a great opportunity for them to be able to use the service to do what they need to do,” Stewart said.

The service will offer a third route later this year from Benjamin Avenue to 13th Street.

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