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(WDVM) — Gas prices are still higher than many people are used to paying… but will that impact how people take public transport.

WDVM spoke to Public Transits in Frederick and Montgomery Counties to find out… And the short answer – is no – gas prices won’t affect the fare going forward.

Both counties have offered free rides to customers since the start of the pandemic. However, both counties say they have seen an increase in runners.

Sande Brecher works in Montgomery County as the Commuter Services Manager. She thinks one of the reasons they’ve seen an increase in passengers is due to high gas prices.

“We saw an increase in transit ridership and other types of moods besides the driver,” Brecher said.

Kendall Tiffany is the director of communications for Frederick County Transit. She told WDVM that they have seen an increase in the number of people using public transport.

“We have seen an increase in ridership as well as our local carpool database as we work with commuter connections. We’re starting to see more apps for carpooling,” Tiffany said.

Over time, we might start to see lower gasoline prices. However, Sandy believes gas prices will not affect transit fare prices, but rather do the opposite.

“Reintroduce a very low one-dollar fare on the ride. But I don’t think…I think it’s unlikely that we’re going to increase the rates, or even that they’re going down,” Brecher continued.

Another thing Sandy says the county is lobbying for is for people to use their ride-sharing and bike services.
Frederick and Montgomery counties have found a way to save a few dollars on public transit while helping the environment.

“We actually have four fully electric buses, we have five refurbished electric buses,” Tiffany said.

If you want more information about public transportation in Frederick or Montgomery counties, you can visit our website.

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