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Ferry is a crime drama Netflix Original with Frank lammers. Ferry (Lammers) is an executor for a mafia boss in Amsterdam named Brink. When one of Brink’s businesses is robbed, with his son shot in the process, Ferry must track down and kill the perpetrators. But as his hunt brings him back to the area, he has grown into things getting more complicated. Reconnecting with his family and getting to know some of the places quickly add problems to Ferry‘s situation.

Ferry sets up a familiar premise and adds a few well-implemented wrinkles to it. When we first meet Ferry, he lives what he would describe as a good life. He lacks for nothing, spends his nights in bars and strip clubs as he sits to the right of one of Amsterdam’s powerful players. And all he has to do to maintain that lifestyle is mistreat, shake, or occasionally kill whoever his boss tells him to.

When his boss’s son is shot and Ferry is sent to hunt down the shooters, it’s just another job. At least until it doesn’t, and Ferry must make some tough choices and reassess his situation. This need for reassessment comes from his interactions with two people. His sister Claudia and a woman named Danielle. Since work brings Ferry back to the region where he grew up, he decides to stop over at his sister’s. Her husband used to run in circles similar to him when they were young and maybe he can help them. When Ferry arrives, he finds that things are not going very well. Her sister has a brain tumor and is not expected to live long. He was not aware of this development as they have not spoken for many years. As he tries to get his job done for Brink, this situation is constantly in the background as he struggles to bury a years-old grudge while dealing with the dangerous elements of his job.

Ferry’s search for shooters leads him to a camping community. There, while observing the home of one of the alleged shooters, he notices a woman coming and going from the house. It turns out that this woman, whose name is Danielle, is the housekeeper. He quickly befriends her in order to learn more about his target’s habits.

Between the stress of his job and his struggle to reconcile with his sister before he dies, Ferry soon finds himself running into Danielle, and a relationship soon begins to blossom. However, Danielle has no idea what he’s doing, and complicating matters further is her desire to keep her away from this aspect of her life.

From the start you can see where Ferry takes his head. As he tries to complete the task given to him, those around him begin to get caught up in his work, forcing him to make tough choices about what he wants and what he’s ready for. to sacrifice. The film does a good job of presenting Ferry’s struggle as it progressed and delivered a strong twist towards the end that I didn’t see coming.

The actor set comes in competent, if not award-winning, quality. I had little trouble believing the characters and the story they were telling. Lammers does a good job wearing the film for the most part. Her portrayal of Ferry manages to convey the character’s struggles to the audience, without getting too emotional. The production as a whole does a great job of selling to the world in which the story takes place. The low income areas where much of the story takes place feels authentic. He does not shy away from the reality of the decor because he aspires to its authenticity.

When all is said and done, Ferry delivers a solidly executed story that offers a bit of a twist towards the end, but otherwise few people who have watched similar movies have never seen it before.

Ferry is streaming now on Netflix.


7.5 / 10


When all is said and done, Ferry delivers a solidly executed story that offers a bit of a twist towards the end, but otherwise few people who have watched similar movies have never seen it before.

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