Ferry Review: This is a slightly arbitrary, but engaging, prequel outside of Belgium that removes layers of Undercover

Dukou (Frank Lammers) is very happy. Live a good life in Amsterdam, relax in your stylish city center loft and drive the stylish Caramel Range Rover. He is also the general manager of the city governor.

“For Brink,” Ferry said before unloading a 9mm pistol from the pillow. He broke his arm, and his face was devastated, and he choked the poor guy. Yes, it is not an easy task.

But Ferry and the rest of the Brink team. Until one of its pharmaceutical factories was attacked. By two armed men with wild and unpredictable eyes. Brink’s son was shot dead in the ensuing fight, and Ferry’s task was to find and kill the attacker.

The latest original Netflix movie Ferry is a prequel to the crime series Undercover:

An entertaining thriller full of melodramas and plots. Directed by Cecilia Verheyden, this is the origin story of the 2019 series’ main villain, Ferry Buman (Frank Lammers), which describes him as the original series.

The emotional journey of the mighty little killer. Even if Ferry is a spin-off movie using familiar cast and clues, even for those who don’t understand the story of Undercover, this movie can still stand out and become an interesting (albeit trophy-centric) movie.

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It’s hard not to see any influence or mention of Martin Scorsese in the story and style. Its average mood, themes and even the opening narration seem to come from the classic Goodfellas movie and adhere to all the narrative beats of the Brabant style. Fans must “take care of the suspect.”

Sister (Monique Hendrix) and Danielle (Elise Schaap) meet. Ferri began his inner struggle between loyalty and morality after a light murder or even drugs overnight in the bazaar. Boring boredom is often accompanied by screaming and fierce competition and relationship building.

Overly dramatic scenes are surprisingly fascinating, the pace will never slow down, and even though the text sometimes seems a bit too much, the viewer will always grab people’s attention.

Despite the clichés, because Ferry’s excellent acting and playful photography skills worked flawlessly, all the elements never seem to have been out of balance. Most striking, however, is the show’s cast, a younger version of herself.

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Cold ends and flared jeans can help allay suspicion:

An effect that can be uncomfortable for fans of the original series. the Ferry is fast and fun. It’s like a feature film on a prestigious TV channel.

It’s interesting with the reputation of Brink’s deadly crew. He leaned on the locals as he sailed south on the ferry until her husband found her. Despite this, Ferri remained cautious, confident and ready to use violence in the blink of an eye.

When he encounters a guilty crowd (the ferry climbs / falls into the rubbish heap of his street clothes in a fun run), the Ferry is part of Colombo and Colombo is part of Vincent Vega.

He collects behind-the-scenes stories of drug trafficking in Amsterdam. As an independent film, everything is fine. Frank Lammers is known to play the role of Ferry.

Its cast is alive and often surprisingly engaging. Still, for any fan of the original Netflix Undercover (which is a Belgian detective story), Ferri’s roles in this book are all advocates, preludes / prequels, and sometimes funny cheeky movies are a must-see.

For all fans of the Netflix undercover crime thriller. But this film is also a well-known television series in which Ferry dissolves the tangle of deceit and dirty behavior to achieve personal salvation.

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Overall, the ferry is an ideal choice for any fanatic. It has a simple yet focused script, random drama, and typical gangster movie logic, which can meet the demands of this guy and make the night fun.

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