Fewer TSRTC buses to other states irritate commuters

Hyderabad: Commuters have faced problems traveling in and out of the state as Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) uses low frequency buses to other states especially Maharashtra and Karnataka. Commuters said that despite a 100% increase in passenger occupancy on private buses, the TSRTC has not restored Garuda services to Mumbai. According to commuters, even after everything was back to normal and private buses were running at full capacity, the TSRTC has yet to restore bus services to other states.

Kiran Reddy, a frequent commuter to Mumbai, said: “It would be helpful for commuters to go to Mumbai, if Garuda services to Mumbai are restored. buses serving the route, we are having difficulty and are forced to use private buses,” he said, adding that despite an increase in passenger occupancy on private buses, the TSRTC does not has not yet restored its services.

However, the company’s social media manager received several complaints about the issue and citizens urged the company to restore services in other states. K Reddy on his Twitter account complained that previously there would be a bus from Warangal depot to Mumbai but now there are no buses to Mumbai from Warangal. “I urge the company to send buses to other states from Telangana,” he tweeted. Rakshith Kumar tweeted tagging TSRTC officials, “I have requested the company to restore Mumbai and Pune bus services for the past two months but no action has been taken yet.” Since state-run buses do not serve other states, private buses have also increased their fares. They charge extra if tickets are booked last minute and charge about 1/3 of the extra fare on weekends. Another netizen, Kumar Pulluri, said the private bus facility was quite high. Reasons for the low frequency of Garuda services. We commuters face hardship and are forced to spend huge amounts of money traveling in private buses. I have urged the TSRTC to restore services to other states,” Kumar Pulluri tweeted.

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