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There is an old adage “Don’t focus on what someone says, watch what they do.”
Greenway says they want a trail. But at every public hearing on trail building, Greenway is there with delaying tactics and obstructions. Greenway only supports a trail as long as it is constructed in a way that prevents future transit. If they really wanted a trail ASAP, they would support the plan which has been approved and is under construction.

Greenway says they want the RTC to support bus transport instead of rail. But at the December 2021 RTC meeting, they urged taking $ 1 million from the county’s proposed transportation budget to Lift Line and Metro. This financing of public transport was led by the supervisor and promoter of the greenway Koenig. In action, they oppose Lift Line, they oppose Metro. Greenway is not a trail group, it is an anti-transit group.

– Christine Weir, Santa Cruz

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