Historic Vadodara saloon gives way to high-speed train project

Vadodara: A heritage rail saloon shed in Vadodra, built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III, has been demolished to make way for the Ahmedabad-Mumbai national high-speed rail corridor being built for the high-speed train project.

The red sandstone shed built in the 1880s was razed on Tuesday by the National High Speed ​​Corporation Limited (NHSRCL), which began construction of the hallway for the high-speed train that would pass through where the saloon was located.

The NHSRC uprooted the structures that line up with the hallway and mowing the saloon has been a huge disappointment to locals and heritage curators who have long called for the restoration of the historic structure.

Speaking to ANI, President of the Heritage Trust of Vadodara, Sameer Khera said: “Of course, infrastructure is important for the development of any city or country, but the authorities surely knew what they wanted. were preparing, they nevertheless demolished the building. “He added that the authorities had made no effort to find a replacement for him.

“Vadodara is a city of architects, but there is no real heritage work unit, which is why we are upset and frustrated,” he said.

He also suggested that the government should form a heritage cell made up of experts living in Vadodara in order to avoid the future demolition of such a building. He also suggested preparing a heritage master plan.

The demolition of the heritage structure caused great grief to the inhabitants of Vadodara.

Speaking to ANI, Vadodara art historian and curator Chandrashekhar Patil said: “Government policies are not clear. On the one hand, the government says that historic structures must be saved, on the other, it demolishes a historic structure. the impression that the government is confused between heritage and development. He also said that there had been an awareness among the people regarding the historic structures. He also hoped that the government would not demolish such a structure in the future.

“If the government demolishes again, the people themselves should protest against it. Surely we will miss the structure, we only have its videos and photographs that we can show the people,” he said. to the NHSRCL by the Government of Gujarat during the announcement of the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project.

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Posted on: Friday October 01, 2021 02:38 IST

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