How to protect yourself on public transport

MTA ridership hit a new record Friday of more than 5.6 million people on the transit system, the highest on record since the pandemic. Still, there are safety issues with the surge in ridership, experts say.

Wellness coach and self-defense expert Jennifer Cassetta joined NY1’s Stef Manisero on Saturday to talk tips on how New Yorkers can protect themselves on public transit.

“Practicing situational awareness is basically being aware of your surroundings when you’re on the move,” she said. “Take information with your eyes and ears and above all, listen to your intuition.”

Cassetta said riders should put away their phones and headphones to make sure they’re paying attention to their surroundings.

When asked for a tip for New Yorkers when approaching an uncomfortable situation in transit, she said that for people to avoid danger, they need to stay safe.

“Like not standing so close to the platform, especially if you’re not paying attention and listening to your headphones and being on your phone,” Cassetta explained. “If you need to receive the text or check your social media, lean against something so you can always see the periphery while you’re doing it, and put your phone away as soon as possible.”

Cassetta also talked about his book, “The Art of Badassery: Unleash Your Mojo with Wisdom of the Dojo,” and how it teaches readers how to hold their own in any situation.

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