Japan train timetable map talks about ‘China speed’

Feel the charm of Chinese railways. (Photo by Yao Lan)

By John Lee

(ECNS) – A concise map of train times in China, which embodies the Chinese rail network, released on Sunday by a Japan-based non-profit organization, has become a hit on the internet. Some Japanese internet users have found it very convenient.

This informative calendar illustrates the speed and development capacity of China since reform and opening up. China’s rail operating mileage has reached 146,300 kilometers, ranking second in the world. Among them, the mileage of high-speed trains is 38,000 kilometers, ranking first in the world. China has seen a runaway technological advance in railways, from slow trains at a speed of tens of kilometers per hour to high-speed trains at hundreds of kilometers per hour, to maglev trains and a series of of China-Europe freight trains. The country’s rail technologies and equipment are globalizing. A high-speed railway equipment construction and manufacturing system with independent intellectual property rights has already been formed in China.

As the main artery of the national economy, railways play an important role in stimulating economic development. Turning deep chasms into arteries, the Chinese railroad impressed the world with its speed. The locomotive of the “artery” will continue to move forward, stimulating the development of Chinese and world economies.

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