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Kottayam: K-Rail, the joint venture of the union and state governments, has lost around 350 survey stones so far due to the protest against the SilverLine semi-high speed rail corridor. The stones laid for the social impact study were removed by the opposition parties and the families concerned.

Since most of these stones have been thrown into rivers and ponds, the company will have to replace them. He estimates the total loss at Rs 18 lakh.

K-Rail says it has laid up to 5,100 stones so far. The company has traveled 144 km of 530 km.

A stone costs around Rs 5,400. Although commonly referred to as stones, they are long concrete structures. The price includes production costs, transportation, labor costs and other related costs. K-Rail hopes to recover the amount from the protesters as police have charged cases in most of the places where they were evicted.

K-Rail snubbed the allegation that the company acquired a contract to lay stones and quit abruptly. They said that said company already left in November and another company was chosen in December that is still working for K-Rail.

As the protest continues, K-Rail has slowed the pace of laying stones. The ministers and heads of the CPM district visit the houses to convince them of the importance of the project and the compensation.

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