Latest coronavirus: Covid-19 wave crests in New York City as storm ends celebration

The London offices are mostly abandoned and no one knows how many people will return when, but some investors Bet on the workspaceThe question is whether this confidence is sufficient or reckless, the sharp post-pandemic drop in the value of the new office has yet to materialize.

Thai police confiscated 1000 kg of stimulants under the watchful eye of officials and analysts Drug trafficking and increased addiction With alert. They say the drugs started in neighboring Myanmar, which has been embroiled in political unrest and civil war since the February coup defeated Aung San Suu Kyi.

The United States Transportation Security Administration Face mask requirements Until January 18, 2022 at least on all transport networks in the country, including airports, commercial planes, buses, commuter buses and rail systems. This rule has been in effect since January 30.

NS Men’s grooming market According to research firm Euromonitor, shaving is the mainstream, but it also includes skin care, hair care and cosmetics, but is currently worth £ 35bn and has risen to one figure every year since 2017, with the exception of 4.7%. I am. Soak during a pandemic..

Japan’s Kamui Kobayashi drove Toyota Gazu Racing’s Toyota GR010 Hybrid (7) on the left, and the mechanics cheered and won the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race on Sunday © François Mori / AP

Toyota Motor Corporation Announcement Reduce production next month As Southeast Asia works on a new variant of the coronavirus, vulnerabilities in Southeast Asia’s automotive supply chain are of growing concern. Shares of the world’s largest automaker fell 5% in Tokyo on Friday.

Goodwin, a British engineering group, Sales peak exceeded From the petroleum industry, we have high expectations of nuclear and radar products. Last year’s profits have declined, demand from the oil industry, which is not expected to return to pre-pandemic trade levels, has weakened.

Fidelity International experiments and envisions flexible working styles Increase in employee salariesThe CEO of the asset management giant said this weekend. However, Ann Richards advised the UK government to introduce legislation on the right to work in remote areas.

China’s National Pension Fund Maximum return on investment In five years, total assets reached 1.91 trillion RMB ($ 295 billion), an increase of nearly 5 points from the previous year. According to the National Social Security Fund Council, this strong performance reflects China’s rapid response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Latest Coronavirus: Covid-19 Wave Crests in New York as Storm Ends Celebration Source Link Latest Coronavirus: Covid-19 Wave Crests in New York as Storm Ends

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