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This week my travels found me in Napa, California at the Tom Ferry Team Legacy Retreat. From Sunday to Wednesday, attendees networked, challenged, learned and were inspired by Tom’s words of wisdom and by collaborating and sharing stories with each other.

Tom has been a great friend, mentor and coach of mine for years. We first met when Tom was 19. He cold called me as the most productive real estate agent to sell me a ticket to a Mike Ferry superstar retreat. We have been friends ever since.

There’s a reason Tom is held in such high esteem in the industry; his leadership skills are extraordinary and every day, maybe even every hour or minute, he imparts what he knows to help others succeed. One of the things I really like about Tom is that he’s incredibly relevant. He does not teach old knowledge over and over; he is always on the lookout for something new, something fresh, something that will enrich businesses and people’s lives like never before. This is the very definition of a forward-thinking leader. Here are some of his most recent (and treasured) takeaways:

Believe in yourself, achieve more every time. Tom recorded a podcast with therapist John Jolliffe and during the episode Jolliffe said, “Everyone has as much self-confidence as everyone else. That’s the truth…but there are two types. There are has negative self-confidence and positive self-confidence People with negative self-confidence find it difficult to achieve their extremely important goals because they simply don’t believe they can. to begin the process of achieving because again they don’t believe they can. Leaders with exactly the same level of confidence – except this time it’s positive – achieve their goals because they see nothing as impossible. Guided by optimism and their strong belief in themselves and their abilities, they confidently tackle tasks and complete them. Tom says one way to gain confidence is to recite daily affirmations and I agree. I’ve recited a passage from Og Mandino’s “The Seeds of Success” as part of my morning routine for the past three decades. Read the full statement here.

Harness the power of accountability. I’m a big fan of accountability partners and Tom is too, but there are many ways to harness the power of accountability. Tom says you can: publicly announce that if you do not do do something you’ll write a check to an organization or person you wouldn’t usually support; schedule a quick phone call with a colleague every morning to review your commitments; organize a contest where those at the bottom of the scoreboard must organize an event or a dinner for those who win; share your goals with another leader and have them check on you periodically to track your progress; involve your friends or family in the process (for example, if you don’t generate X number of leads per month, you give your children $50); or you can hire a trainer.

Analyze your closest friendships. Tom says that when he was 18, he had an epiphany after his dad came to visit his flat and told him, “We become like the people we spend the most time with.” There are three kinds of people in the world: positive, neutral and negative. Positive people are the ones who will pick you up when you’re down. They are the people committed to perpetual improvement, accomplishing their goals, and driving forward. Neutral people are just that: they will not react positively or negatively to the circumstances around them. “Do you want to go do this? Of course, they would say. They agree with anything. They are neutral. And finally, negative people. Those who will depress you or are constantly pessimistic and never lift your spirits. Tom says write your close friends. Look at how many of them are positive, neutral or negative. Make sure to surround yourself with positive people, the ones who will challenge you and hold you accountable, because they also want to be accountable for their big goals. Neutral people are those YOU can help, whose neutral mindset may be able to move more towards the positive because you are in their life. Negative people have negative mindsets. As the saying goes, being positive works most of the time, being negative works 100% of the time.

Know why. In a recent blog, Tom asks an important question: why do most people quit? Why do most people break their own promises and commitments? If you ask them, they often have many reasons why they couldn’t do something; it was a unique piece. It does not matter. I did not have the time. I didn’t think I could. They justify these actions and move on, agreeing that their life is not being lived to its full potential. Tom says, “I would say the real case for a life, a level 10 life is finding that one reason why…that one driving force…that one thing that aligns you.” This, Tom explains, makes you a person of your word, a leader others can count on. I have long believed that your speech is your connection, and that includes the words you say to yourself. You can read these words now and reflect on the calls you does not have make, the offers you does not have get, the appointments you does not have book OR you can focus on your reason alone and use it to propel you forward, to make the calls you said you would do, to do the things you need to do to become the person, the leader and the human being you want to be. Your reason will determine your action. This will allow you to track and, as Tom says, have a life by design instead of a default life.

So what’s the message? For this one, it’s easy: gratitude. Thank you, Tom, for being a leader by example, someone who not only provides sound advice, but also applies that advice every day.

This article is adapted from Blefari’s weekly column titled “Reflections on Leadership” company-wide. HomeServices of America.

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