Minister of the Economy: No money for the third ferry between the continent and Hiiumaa | News

Hergo Tasuja, Deputy Mayor of Hiiumaa, has already approached Aas on several occasions, who highlighted a number of reasons why the line connecting Hiiumaa and the mainland needs a third ferry at least in the summer.

According to Tasuja’s proposal, the third ferry would sail on demand and be started as soon as possible if there were more than 100 meters in line of vehicles since the last departure.

Tasuja said the ship will be able to make six trips per day. The need is greatest on Fridays and Sundays, and Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays during the holiday period when most cars are left behind.

That would mean at least 120 trips per month. Tasuja said the third ferry would be justified because the number of passengers and vehicles was 20% higher in July this year. According to forecasts, the number of passengers in the summer months alone could reach more than a million next summer.

Aas said the wish of the residents of Hiiumaa is understandable and justified, and adding an additional vessel to the route will be considered in the future.

As 23.6 million euros are currently allocated to the transport administration for next year, it is not enough to order a third ship on the Heltermaa-Rohuküla route, the minister noted.

There are currently two ships sailing between Hiiumaa and the mainland, Tiiu and Leiger.

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