MSRTC cracks down on errant drivers, welcome

It is good to hear that the service has taken note of the complaints. Now warnings have already been issued so this is a pointer that merit was found in these complaints

An MSRTC bus at its Kurla depot. File Picture

The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC), which has one of the largest fleets of public transport buses in India, has begun a crackdown on its bus drivers amid growing complaints from passengers over bus stop hopping. bus. The transport body has warned drivers, who do not stop buses at designated stops and use flyovers, to action.

A commuter in a report published in this article said the buses simply move on, skipping stops halfway. Another passenger claimed that drivers take the flyovers, avoiding stops under the flyover.

It is good to hear that the service has taken note of the complaints. Now, warnings have already been issued, so it is a pointer that merit has been found in these complaints. Authorities can send a signal to drivers that they are aware of what is happening and that drivers had better mend their ways or will see action. Notification is just the start. Errant drivers will be penalized, authorities said.

This is the model with which the authorities must respond to complaints from commuters, regardless of the transport arm. Instead of ignoring complaints or burying them in paperwork, get to know through quick investigations or inspections to examine the merits. Then, if the statements are true, take action. It also sends a message that following the rules is non-negotiable to others serving the public.

Passing the stops is above all illegal. It is also dangerous. Those waiting at the stops expect the bus to stop, so they rush towards it. The panicked passengers want it to stop so they try everything possible, endangering their lives and those of others. We also see buses stopping a bit far from the stops, although this could be because the road is congested or there are obstacles.

We need mimicked responses in certain situations and the willingness to investigate repeated complaints.

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