New Jersey man charged with attacking black transit worker who asked him to put on a mask

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Since the start of this pandemic, we haven’t seen a shortage of racists and horrible people putting in essential workers—who are just trying to do their job—through hell, all because they can’t follow simple instructions and put on a fucking face mask. You might think at this point, almost a year and a half after starting this thing, that these idiots would have given up on their absurd rebellion against mask mandates, but sadly, they are tough-headed and the workers have to pay the price for their stubbornness.

A man from Weehawken, NJ was arrested for assault and misconduct after he was caught on camera verbally attacking a New Jersey Transit driver who only asked him to put on the mask he had already hung up to his ear. The man also allegedly physically assaulted the driver. The conductor is black, so, of course, there were racial slurs – because all of this usually take is a small aggravation for fanatics to identify themselves explicitly.

According to NJ.comThomas Vitulano, 30, was charged with third and fourth degree aggravated assault of a public transport supervisor, obstructing public transport and disorderly driving and was taken to Bergen County Jail on Thursday .


The incident happened on Monday when the conductor, who is black, asked Vitulano to put on his face mask, according to Kore James, of Paterson, who recorded the video.

Face masks are mandatory in public transport as part of the regulations put in place to stop the spread of the disease. coronavirus.

He said, ‘Sir, can you please put on your mask? “” James told NJ Advance Media on Thursday. “It was almost an immediate confrontation.”

James, a landscape architect, said he started recording because the exchange “got so strong and because the day we live everything should be recorded.”

“(Vitulano) was saying all kinds of homophobic slurs, racist slurs,” James said. “He was everywhere at once.”

The video, which appears to have been removed from YouTube, reportedly shows Vitulano yelling at the driver and calling him a ghostwriter and other names repeatedly. James said he stopped recording after things got physical so he could restrain the rabid racist who he said was attacking.

“I heard sneakers creaking against the floor,” said James. “The guy had pushed the driver around the corner [and] the driver was in the wrong position. He had no room to move.

James said he rushed over and “grabbed him, held him back, brought him to the ground and then stayed on top of him while I called the police.”

Vitulano’s mother spoke with ABC 7 about the incident, and unsurprisingly, she blamed her son’s behavior on mental illness, as for some reason many people seem to think that there is a mental state that causes racial slurs to come out. the mouths of people who are not normallyracist people.

“You know, all that black and white thing and this and that, my son talks about that because he lives in Weehawken. We are not supporters of anyone, ”she said. “Nothing was mentioned about my son’s severe mental illness and he was not taking his medication, yet everything else to incriminate my son is posted.”

Sooooo, listen, I’ve never been to Weehawken, N.J., before. Maybe there is something in the water out there that is causing a rare mental disorder that no one has ever heard of called ‘anti-negrosis’, and symptoms include an aversion to face masks and submission to the authority of a black person. But it seems to me that Vitulano’s mother is no stranger to her son’s racist outbursts.

Still, she insisted that her son is “not a thug, and we don’t have any prejudices here either.”

It’s almost as if she is defending her son by denouncing herself. I just can’t imagine her keeping a house without a word, that’s all I’m saying.

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