Ocala residents discuss commercial flights and the high-speed rail system

Several Ocala residents wrote in recently to share their thoughts on the city’s transportation needs.

“I lived in San Diego, California from 1977 to 2015. I witnessed the growth, the urban sprawl and the explosion of traffic on the roads. I think it would be much more efficient and much cheaper to rebuild the rail system to get from downtown Ocala to Orlando, and it would maintain Ocala’s rural charm. An EV shuttle system could easily provide transportation from the station to the individual terminals. This rail system could also connect to the new high-speed rail line that goes to Tampa. To those who want an airport, may I suggest that you talk to the people of Gainesville and ask them their opinion first. I am always appalled at how some people are willing to cover large swaths of concrete for convenience, rather than looking to create better modes of public transport using existing infrastructure,” says Ian Bell, a resident of Ocala.

“First, I agree with others, like me, on this quagmire, and then I realize the need for commercial flights to and from Ocala International Airport. It’s already in the name. For those of you who can’t see or read it, get an eye exam and glasses. The airport is not JFK, O’Hara, LAX or any other mega metropolitan city. Our airport does not have this type of expansion area. Departing and arriving aircraft could be asked to follow schedules for both. The pros far outweigh the cons. Those who object , pack your bags and remember that I-75 and I-95 go north and I-10 go west.Keep in mind that negative arguments prevented Amtrak from stopping in Ocala , as well as bus travel. Those who moved here, be glad you did, and welcome to Ocala and Marion County. Those who regret it, read the sentence below. over it on Interstate highways,” says Ocala resident Robert Faeges.

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