Ponte Ferries offers customers the option to fly after a delayed launch

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Passengers stranded by the delayed launch of the Ponte Ferries service are being offered the option of flying to Catania or being reimbursed, the company said.

Yesterday, the company said the launch of the ferry service to Augusta, Sicily had to be delayed due to a last-minute court challenge.

The service, which was due to start on Friday, faces a last-minute legal challenge before Sicilian authorities by another competing operator who objected to Ponte’s use of the port of Augusta.

In a statement released today, Ponte Ferries said it continues to help customers after being forced to delay the launch of its ferry service to Italy due to last-minute disputes over its use of the port of Augusta by a competing local operator.

Ferry to Augusta delayed due to legal challenge

“Customers wishing to continue with their vacation plans are booked on flights to Catania, while those who preferred to delay their trip are fully reimbursed and additionally offered a voucher to use the service free of charge over the next 12 months.”

Company staff have been dispatched to Malta International Airport and Catania Airport to assist customers during the check-in process.

A spokesperson for Ponte said: “We cannot apologize enough to our customers for this unexpected turn of events. We understand their disappointment and work tirelessly to help them. We have already ensured that a significant number of people do not miss their planned vacations and will continue to do so in the coming days.

“In the meantime, we remain more determined than ever to ensure that customers are offered a choice of operators on the Malta-Sicily ferry route and hope to resolve this situation as soon as possible.”

Ponte has set up a customer helpline, who can call 2799 8989 for assistance with their reservations, refunds and vouchers or send an email to [email protected]

Tickets for Ponte Ferries’ fast catamaran ferry service to Sicily went on sale on June 23, with one-way tickets starting at just € 9.99.

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