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CHANDIGARH: The Punjab On Wednesday, the cabinet approved an amnesty plan to allow grantors of residential and commercial land and apartments to pay installments.

Through the Punjab-2021 urban development authorities’ amnesty program, the state government aims to recover Rs 700 crore in royalties from the beneficiaries of apartments, residential, commercial, institutional and industrial plots, and Bundled sites sold by raffle, auction or any other process. .

According to an official spokesperson for the Office of the Chief Minister of the Punjab, beneficiaries who are in default of one or more installments due after December 31, 2013 can deposit the principal amount, as well as the interest rate of the scheme. .

Cases where grants have been canceled due to a default in payment of installments due after December 31, 2013 or a dispute in this regard will also be covered by the plan.

These cases would be treated as if the cancellation had not been made, and the amount lost would be treated as credited to the accounts of the beneficiaries on the date of forfeiture.

In a virtual meeting chaired by Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, the state cabinet also approved the creation of a law enforcement directorate to control illegal mining in the state.

The directorate, which will be headed by a senior police officer who does not have the rank of deputy inspector general (DIG), will be created within the mines and geology wing of the water resources department.

It will also help increase state revenue by reducing the threat of illegal mining.

The spokesperson said the leadership would help verify and stop the unauthorized movement of minor minerals within and across Punjab’s interstate borders in collaboration with officials from the mining department.

Management will also verify that those involved in the sand and gravel business are not charging above the ceiling sale price prescribed in the mining policy.

The chief minister announced earlier this month the establishment of an enforcement directorate to “completely eliminate the scourge of illegal mining” from the state.

The state cabinet also gave its approval to the amended 2021 remission policy under which convicted prisoners in the Punjab will now be eligible for a remission from time to time, instead of just one.

The amended policy makes the remission applicable to prisoners sentenced to imprisonment for more than 10 years, including prisoners serving life sentences, instead of prisoners serving 10 to 20 years under the previous policy.

In March last year, a government panel considering the premature release of prisoners found ambiguities in the 2010 surrender policy.

In another decision, the cabinet approved the management of stables in public-private partnership (PPP) mode.

The move is aimed at streamlining the operation of government-run livestock barns in the districts and effectively managing the threat of stray animals.

Twenty stables have been established in the Punjab and house up to 10,024 head of stray cattle.

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