Rising public transport fares irritate passengers

Rawalpindi: There have been heated arguments and even scuffles between carriers and passengers in various parts of the city over an increase in fares without any sort of official announcement.

According to the details, the government raised the oil prices to an unprecedented high, but the concerned authorities did not increase the tariffs due to which the local transporters started to charge additional tariffs themselves.

The recent rise in fuel prices has now started to affect ordinary people as owners of vans and minibuses have arbitrarily raised their fares leading to quarrels and even fights between commuters and drivers.

Passengers demanded that the owners of public transport vehicles post fares to avoid inconveniencing them. Carriers also raised fares on their own when the government raised the price of petrol by Rs. 30 last week.

Talha Chaudhry, a commuter, said: “There is also a transport shortage. Relevant authorities should take immediate action and ensure that normal fares are charged to passengers.

“First of all, the government should set the fares according to petrol prices, because almost all vans, buses and other public transport vehicles run on gas. We can see gas cylinders on the roofs of buses , but they charge tariffs based on petroleum products,” he said.

The transporters have asked the government to reduce petrol and diesel prices as these are not affordable for an ordinary man in the country.

“Government should either reduce petrol prices or provide subsidies elsewhere, as very expensive diesel and petrol have increased the cost of transportation,” said Mushtaq Afridi, a local transporter.

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