Rochester Public Transit releases design plans for rapid transit

ROCHESTER, Minnesota – Rochester Public Transit on Thursday unveiled its design plans for its new rapid transit stations. The new public transport system will include seven stations across the Mediterranean city. Each will be taller than regular bus stations and will feature tilted seats and rails.

“It will be a unique type of system and will add an additional element to our transit functionality,” said project leader Jarrett Hubbard.

There will be eleven platforms and the service will run every five to 10 minutes. Stations will be located near the Mayo Civic Center, Government Center, West Transit Lake Village, and off 2nd Street SW.

“The experience we were trying to provide is similar to the light rail experience in the Twin Cities,” Hubbard explained.

There will be level boarding, outboard payments and service from 5am to midnight. Construction of the terminals will begin in 2023 and service will begin in 2025.

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