RTD will require face masks on public transport until at least September

Although COVID-19 restrictions are starting to fade statewide, the Regional Transportation District is not letting go and continues to require face masks on its buses, trains and streetcars until at least September 13 .

It comes after the state ended its mask tenure last week, allowing vaccinated residents to dispense with masks in most indoor and outdoor environments, and only suggesting that unvaccinated people continue to wear masks. .

“Since masks are no longer necessary in certain contexts and environments (are) encouraging; however, masks should always be worn while waiting for or using public transport, ”said Debra Johnson, CEO of RTD.

Johnson said RTD’s mask directive is mandated by the National Transportation Security Administration to ensure the safety of its employees and customers.

This does not violate state guidelines, as the Colorado executive order states that “fully vaccinated individuals may dispense with masks in indoor public spaces unless the setting requires otherwise.”

For this reason, companies and agencies such as RTD can define their own mask rules.

RTD customers and operators must wear masks while waiting and using the agency’s public transport. This requirement has been in place since the publication of the State Mask Ordinance in spring 2020.

The current TSA mask requirement went into effect on February 2 and applies to buses, trains, planes, stations and airports across the country.

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