Sechelt appoints election officers for 2022 municipal elections: council briefs

The Lot 44 patio will become a permanent feature, Capilano University will offer flex-time early childhood education offerings this fall, the BC Ferries-CAF relationship is getting more strained, and more since the regular 1st June.

The following submissions are from the June 1 Sechelt District Council meeting:

Appointed Election Officials

Election officers for the upcoming municipal elections on October 15 have been chosen: Jo-Anne Frank will serve as Chief Electoral Officer and Kerianne Poulsen has been appointed Deputy Chief Electoral Officer.

The decision comes out of the closed portion of a May 11 meeting.

Sechelt Council also gave three readings to an election-related amendment by-law as the Local Government Act now allows all eligible voters to vote by post. This amendment must be adopted by July 4. A separate Sechely rulebook will not change, as the automated voting machines used previously will allow the same procedures.

Patio to become permanent

Batch 44 Brewery and Kitchen on Wharf Avenue will see its temporary outdoor patio become a permanent feature, with support from Sechelt Council.

The temporary brewery patio has been in place for two years, part of the pandemic-inspired temporary expansion that has allowed restaurants and bars to expand outdoors to accommodate social distancing. The request before the council asked for a slight reduction in the number of seats to 34 places on the patio while the occupation inside the establishment returns to capacity, for a new total capacity of 112 places. Hours of operation would remain within the limits of the noise by-law and permit by-law.

Staff said capacity is adequate and residential use is limited in the area. At the time of the June 1 meeting, there had been no complaints regarding the operation of the Lot 44 patio. Staff also presented a parking variation to accommodate the loss of six parking spaces as part of Wharf Avenue Pedestrian Improvement Project (currently underway).

Early Childhood Education Opportunities

In her report to council, Siegers said she met with Capilano University’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) division and heard about the program coming this fall that will allow local residents to take the ECE program evenings and weekends.

“We would like to send the message to the community that there will be a lot of spaces opening up for staff over the next year,” Siegers said, noting the provincial government’s recently announced funding for several local daycares. and subsidized wages.

BC Ferries still understaffed

In his report to the council, the councillor. Matt McLean gave an update on the Ferry Advisory Committee of which he is also a member.

“The relationship between the Ferry Advisory Committee and BC Ferries is becoming increasingly strained over time,” he said, pointing to a recent “last minute” schedule adjustment for Route 3. He said the FAC was retroactively notified of the change. “It’s like we’re an afterthought.”

McLean also addressed BC Ferries’ ongoing staffing issues. As peak season approaches, he said BC Ferries is giving out hiring bonuses of up to $10,000 and running referral programs. Although 150 people were recently hired into the network, McLean said, the company is still short of 160 employees for the summer season.

“They’re going to continue to be limited in their operations and particularly in their engineering division, so I’m hoping for the best for the summer, but I think it’s going to be another tough summer,” McLean said.

Siegers said it was “not encouraging news.”

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