‘SNL Weekend Update Tackles New ‘Lord of the Rings’ Colin Jost Ferry Purchase – Deadline

In tonight’s episode of SNL, weekend update found a wide range of targets, from Jon Voight, Dwayne Johnson and the new the Lord of the Rings series to Updateby Colin Jost and SNL actor Pete Davidson.

Anchor Michael Che noted that Voight recently posted a video claiming the spirit of Abraham Lincoln was guiding Donald Trump. “I hope,” he said, “not in a theater.”

Jost then took aim at Johnson, who said the skull of a t-rex seen behind him in a recent interview was a replica rather than a real one. “Johnson also said it’s just a coincidence that his diet calls for 1,000 pounds of dinosaur a day,” he said.

Jost will later address the fact that Amazon unveiled a title for its new the Lord of the Ringsseries s—that being of course rings of power. “I’m personally more excited,” he said, “for the spin-off, Golum in Paris.”

Soon the anchor would become the butt of the joke herself, when the conversation turned to the recent purchase by him and Davidson of a ferry to Staten Island, which they seek to turn into a place of entertainment. The track Davidson also featured in came after Jost invited popular Alex Moffat character “Guy Who Just Bought a Boat” to sit down for a chat about the NFL playoffs.

After going through his usual round of innuendo, Moffat’s character introduced Davidson to the office as “Guy Who Just Bought A Ferry.”

“We’re boat people now, Colin,” Davidson said. “I mean, you always have been. Looks like you own the yacht they rent for rap videos.

“It’s very exciting,” Jost deadpanned. “We thought about everything.”

Also stopping at Update The office was cast member Sarah Sherman, who said she would discuss staying cozy in the winter before launching anti-Jost headlines at anchor, including “Hollywood Husband Colin Jost-Hansson Didn’t not a penny to spare… For St. Jude Hospital” and “Local Sex Bigot Rejects Queer Love”.

The third and final guest panelist of the evening was Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Biao (Bowen Yang), who appeared to discuss NBC’s decision not to send correspondents to the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

“NBC announces the games from its studios in Connecticut,” Biao said. “You know what else is filming in Connecticut? Maury. Good luck commenting on the cries of “You’re not the father!”

UpdateThe track “Guys Who Bought a Boat” can be found above. The remaining clips from tonight’s edit can be found below.

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