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Sound Transit press release.

Sound Transit is seeking public comment on its proposed transit development plan. People can view the plan and leave comments until August 4 at

Pursuant to RCW 35.58.2795, Sound Transit is required to prepare a six-year transit development plan and annual report, as well as hold a public hearing. This Transit Development Plan includes Sound Transit’s proposed program to address national and local priorities for existing Sound Transit transit services, including capital improvements as part of Sound Move, Sound Transit 2 Approved by voters in November 2008, Sound Transit 3 approved by voters in November 2016, operational changes to the existing system, and how Sound Transit will fund the needs of existing programs over the next six years.

In addition to leaving comments on the website, citizens are invited to attend a public hearing in person or virtually on August 4 at 9 a.m.

For those attending in person, the hearing will be held in the Ruth Fisher Council Chambers at Union Station located at 401 S Jackson Street. Doors will be unlocked 30 minutes before the meeting.

To attend virtually, visit If a password is not already entered, use the following password: Agency.

For more information, please visit the Transit Development Plan webpage.

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