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Ball San Francisco Chronicle – June 28

Last Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors narrowly approved legislation to eliminate single-family zoning and instead allow higher density, a change long sought by housing development advocates. Currently, approximately 40% of San Francisco’s land area is zoned for single-family homes only. The order rezones all of these areas to allow duplexes by default. Some landlords may then receive a density exception from the city that allows them to build up to four units, six on corner lots, with some of the additional units subject to rent control.


Ball The San Diego Union-Tribune – June 20

San Diego withdrew from a blanket parking exemption the city had given to those building new secondary suites (ADUs). Following complaints from the California Coastal Commission, the city council voted unanimously to require new ADUs near the beach to have parking spaces if they are not near a trolley stop or of a bus line with a frequent service. Another change requested by the Coastal Commission requires developers and owners of coastal ADUs to alert tenants that they are vulnerable to sea level rise.

Ball Times-Herald – July 5

Under a new state law, counties must now work to purge their property records of racial covenants, which barred people of color from buying homes in California neighborhoods. The law also requires real estate agents and services to notify homebuyers if such prohibitions are known to be tied to a property and to help redact illegal rules. While the covenants were ruled unenforceable by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1948, racial justice advocates say removing racist language is necessary to address the region’s painful history of discrimination.

Ball LA Daily News – June 27

LA Metro’s board of directors voted on June 23 to pursue land hoarding as a tool to prevent gentrification near its future transit projects. By buying land early in its planning process, the mega transit agency can “bank” the property and then sell it to developers of affordable housing – but with requirements that guarantee low rents and prohibit the speculation.

Ball Redlands Daily Facts – June 22

Redlands is the last city in the Inland Empire to have a warehouse moratorium. City Council unanimously approved a temporary halt to new logistics facility approvals while staff assess the impacts of existing structures and the need to update rules. Other inland towns that have halted warehouses include Chino, Colton, Riverside, and Jurupa Valley.

Ball La Presse-Entreprise – July 1st

California Attorney General Rob Bonta joins Sierra Club’s lawsuit against Moreno Valley over the city’s 2040 master plan update, alleging it violates California’s Environmental Quality Act . Plaintiffs allege that the Moreno Valley environmental impact report failed to address public health impacts, failed to disclose potential air pollution, and omitted solutions that could reduce environmental impacts. Bonta has criticized the city for its growing development in the Moreno Valley, which has sparked controversy over what some see as warehouse saturation.

Ball The Bakersfield Californian – July 1

Money to complete a high-speed rail system between Bakersfield and Merced — $4.2 billion for construction, electrification and trains — made its way into the $308 billion state budget signed Thursday by Governor Gavin Newsom. The budget also releases the final portion of a $9.95 billion bond sale approved by California voters in 2008. The appropriation is well short of the tens of billions of dollars needed to link Los Angeles and San Francisco. , according to the latest schedule, by 2040. Expectations now that the Central Valley segment, at least, would start operating by the end of this decade.

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