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Accident damages F-16

The landing gear of an F-16 jet retracted on Thursday during a routine upstream inspection, slightly damaging the plane, the Air Force Command Headquarters said yesterday, adding that no one was injured. The incident took place in a hangar at Chiayi Air Base, where ground personnel were checking the plane when the incident occurred. A preliminary investigation blamed the retraction of the landing gear on the negligence of crew members, the command headquarters said. The Air Force is implementing more safety measures and stricter training of personnel to prevent accidents, he said. An Air Force statement came after Chinese-language website Apple Daily broke news of the incident.


HSR on alert after a threat

Security patrols escalated along the high-speed rail (HSR) after the Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail Corp received a bomb threat via email, the police bureau said on Friday. railroads. The Taiwan High Speed ​​Rail Corp confirmed on Friday evening that it had received the threat and reported it to police and authorities, but did not provide details of the threat, such as the time and date. place. The company said it was following its protocol for such incidents, with platform patrols increased every 30 minutes and identity checks for people working at its stations.


Suhua opens up to scooters

Motorcycles and scooters with yellow or red license plates will soon be allowed to travel on the new Suhua Expressway under a six-month trial that will begin next Thursday, the Highways Directorate (DGH) said. Scooters or motorcycles with engines over 250cc receive yellow plates, while those with engines over 550cc receive red plates. They are allowed on the old Suhua Highway, but were not allowed on the three new sections of the highway that officially opened to motorists in January last year. Data from the trial, which is due to start at noon, will be used to determine whether to permanently open the highway to heavy motorcycles, the DGH said. Riders must turn on their headlights when entering tunnels and maintain a safety distance of 50m from the vehicle in front, he added.


Rising temperatures: CWB

The average temperature in Taipei from September 1 to Monday was about 2 ° C above the September average over the past 30 years, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said. Data compiled by the bureau showed that the average temperature recorded at its Taipei monitoring station over the 20-day period was 29.8 ° C, compared with an average of 27.65 ° C for September 1991 to Last year. Bureau forecaster Liu Pei-teng (劉 沛滕) said on Tuesday that the warmer weather can be attributed to relatively low rainfall volume and the lack of a northeast wind system during the 20 day period. The average temperature in Taipei was the highest in Taiwan, ahead of 29.5 ° C recorded at the Hsinchu County Bureau’s monitoring station and 29.4 ° C recorded at its Tainan and Keelung stations, a-t -he declares. It was not clear whether the average would remain high for the rest of the month, he added. Taiwan’s average temperature last year was 24.62 ° C, the highest since the country began keeping climate records in 1947.

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