Texas Central appoints Renfe as prime operator for landmark project

DALLAS, July 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Texas Central, developers of the bullet train between Dallas and Houston, signed a contract with Renfe to be the first operator of the transformation project aimed at revolutionizing travel in Texas.

Renfe is one of the world’s largest rail operators, running 5,000 trains a day on 7,500 miles of track. The company is an integral part of the transport system in Spain, its home port, welcomed more than 510 million passengers and 17 million tonnes of freight transported in 2019.

“Renfe has an established reputation for excellence in rail operations in Spain and around the world, ”said Texas Central CEO Carlos aguilar. “With their decades of expertise, it was only natural for them to join our team of leading global experts, laying the groundwork for this new job-creating industry that we are bringing to life. Texas. “

As the primary operator, Renfe will work alongside Texas Central on the design and development of the business aspects of the high speed rail system. The first operator will focus on providing key expertise and support to high level decision makers, leveraging existing capabilities within Texas Central’s integrated organization. The agreement is the latest example of the project bringing together top industry subject matter experts from around the world. It comes just weeks after Texas Central announced it had appointed multinational company Webuild to lead the civil construction consortium that will build the passenger line. Webuild will be responsible for all work up to the top of the rail including viaducts, embankments and drainage.

Renfe will also provide consultancy and consultancy services to Texas Central on the final design, execution, construction, testing and commissioning of civil technologies, stations and buildings, installation, systems of base and operation and maintenance, as well as all commercial aspects of the TGV. system.

“Renfe is proud to bring its unique international high-speed experience to this project, as we are the only operator in the world to have participated in the design, development, operation and maintenance of a high-speed train outside his home country, ”said Isaías Táboas, President of Renfe Operadora. “The high-speed train offers a safe, fast and environmentally friendly transport option. We are confident that the Texas Central Railroad Project is all right to become the first true high speed system in the United States and that it will be a game changer for the state and the country.

The announcement is the final stage of the investor-led project. In July, Texas Central signed a contract with Webuild to serve as the design-build manager, and late last year the company reached two historic milestones when the Federal Railroad Administration issued the latest rule of specific applicability (RPA) and decision file (ROD) for the project.

Now that these milestones have been reached, the necessary elements are in place for the business to fully focus on final due diligence and secure ongoing funding.

The Texas Central Railroad system proposes to integrate Texas will replicate Japan’s proven Tokaido Shinkansen high-speed rail system, operated by the Central Japan Railway Company (JRC). Texas Central chose this system because it is one of the safest and most punctual rail systems in the world. Over its more than 55 year history, it has carried over 10 billion passengers with an impeccable safety record of zero operational passenger fatalities and zero accidents since its first deployment. This technology reliably transports more than 400,000 passengers every day.

The project will create approximately 17,000 direct jobs over six years of construction, over 20,000 supply chain jobs and over 1,400 permanent direct jobs when the train is fully operational. The Texas Central project will use $ 7.3 billion of materials from US companies in 37 states. And, over the next 25 years, this project will have a direct cumulative economic impact of $ 36 billion.

Texas Central has a comprehensive business and workforce opportunities program whose mission is to promote the value and development of rural small businesses, minorities, women, veterans and people with disabilities by providing fair and competitive opportunities to bid and participate in building and operating the Texas high-speed train.

About Texas Central. Texas Central, which includes its operating subsidiary Texas Central Railroad, is the company undertaking the development, design, construction, financing and operation of the innovative new line of high-speed passenger trains that will connect the fourth and fifth largest economy in the country, North Texas and Greater Houston, in less than 90 minutes, with a stop in the Brazos Valley. For more information visit www.texascentral.com.

About Renfe. Renfe Operadora is one of the most important rail operators in the world due to its experience in high speed rail, commuter and logistics services. Renfe operates more than 5,000 trains per day, it is a central player in the country’s transport system, with more than 510 million passengers and 17 million tonnes of freight transported in 2019. The company has been operating for almost 30 years high-speed trains in Spain, the second country in the world (after China) in terms of high-speed lines, with over 1,800 miles in service. See more at www.renfe.com.

SOURCE Texas Central High Speed ​​Train

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