The ferry is still burning after 20 days; 3 missing


Nearly three weeks after the Italian-owned ‘Euroferry Olympia’ caught fire off the coast of Greece, firefighters are still battling local blazes and searching for three missing people.

The ferry is in the central western port of Astakos where it was towed from its original position near the island of Corfu. It had left the Greek port of Igoumenitsa, in the northwest, on February 18, bound for Brindisi, Italy.

There are 8 confirmed fatalities and 281 passengers and crew were evacuated from the ship shortly after it caught fire. The last rescued survivor, a 21-year-old lorry driver, was found on February 20 after driving to the open deck.

Just in the last few hours, 14 trucks have been lifted from the ship; they are closely inspected by firefighters and a special investigator appointed by the prosecutor for any signs of disappearance.

Megatugs Salvage & Towage, the private Greek company involved in the operation, alongside firefighters, removed 600 cubic meters of water from the ship to prevent it from capsizing, while firefighters continue to pump water to reduce temperatures inside the ship.

The removal of the approximately 700 tonnes of fuel still on the ferry will be completed once all remaining trucks and passenger vehicles have been removed from the ferry.


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