The Green Sand Ferry system is operational again from tomorrow

Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has instructed the Bureau of Geological Surveys and Mines to resume construction of the Green Sand Ferry concept from tomorrow (March 1) as directed by the Presidential Task Force on Landmine Management. geological resources.

The Minister called for the resumption of the Green Sand Ferry concept from March 1, focusing on preventing serious damage to river banks from the use of tractors to extract sand directly from rivers, by conserving river banks and taking a science-based approach to sustainable sand removal.
On instructions from the Minister of the Environment, the GSMB plans to reopen the Green Sand Ferry concept from tomorrow (01 March). GSMB Head Office has directed all District Office Managers to prioritize these activities in coordination with the Bureau of Geology and Mines Green Sand Ferry Concept Operations Office.

Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said this during a meeting of the National Committee of the Presidential Task Force on the launch of the Green Sand Ferry system last week.

According to the Green Sand Ferry concept, rivers, banks and the surrounding environment are protected. An area about 10 feet from the river bank should be designated as a green zone under this system. It should be planted in this section and turned into a beautiful attraction. . A narrow path of about 03 feet is left to get to the sand port. Now the river banks are badly damaged due to tractors entering the rivers, but due to this system tractors cannot be brought into the river. It’s illegal.

Sand extraction must be carried out according to appropriate standards. Sand baskets should be used to remove the sand. They should be crated and sanded until the 10 foot limit is exceeded. It must then be brought to the sand loading site by a wheelbarrow. Boats used for sand mining must be operated without motors. Steps should be taken to reactivate the Green Sand Ferry concept from March 01.

Also, in the future, sand licenses will not be issued to those who violate the implementation of the Green Sand Ferry concept. The minister also said the licenses of those who fail to do so will be revoked during the Green Sand Ferry system.

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