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The share of Americans working from home has soared during the pandemic. A recent Gallup study found that 45% of full-time workers in the United States — and two-thirds of white-collar workers — do their work remotely at least some of the time.

The change is proving to be a positive development for millions of Americans. Gallup reports that more than 90% of remote workers hope the trend will continue post-pandemic, citing lack of commute time as the main benefit. (Here’s a look at the state where most people are working from home.)

According to the US Census Bureau, the average travel time in the United States is 26.9 minutes. For those who commute to and from work Monday through Friday, that translates to about 4.5 hours a week, or almost 10 days a year.

Of course, commute times vary from person to person, but in some parts of the country workers are much more likely to have longer commutes than in others. Using census data, 24/7 Wall St. identified the zip code with the longest commute in each state.

Among the places on this list, average travel times range from around 26 minutes to over an hour. Over the course of a week, these travel times add up, from over four hours to 11 hours – and from over nine days to over three weeks over the course of a year. In most ZIP codes on this list, commuters spend six or more days commuting per year than the typical commuter in the entire state.

In several of the places on this list, the share of commuters using public transportation exceeds the comparable statewide average. In most cases, public transport is less direct than just door-to-door driving, which increases overall travel time. In most of these ZIP codes, however, commuters are more likely to drive alone to work than statewide commuters, suggesting that long commutes are the result of traffic jams or more great distance to the place of work. Here’s a look at the cities where people waste the most time driving each year.

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