These riverboats could operate on Moscow’s waterways by 2022 (PICS)

National Center for Industrial Design 2050.LAB

Futuristic design, panoramic windows and breakfast on board – we present you a glimpse of the riverboats of the future.

The National Center for Industrial Design 2050.LAB in Moscow has developed an electric river tram transport system for the Moskva River. Photographs of the concept were published on the centre’s website.

The office showcased three types of riverboats, all with panoramic views giving passengers a detailed view of the shore. All boats are equipped with ramps, wheelchairs and baby strollers, as well as compartments for bicycles and other large luggage.

Each boat will automatically count the number of passengers to keep track of available seats. The seats will be ergonomic, assures 2050.LAB chief designer Alexei Sharshakov.

“The land between them [the seats] was calculated in such a way that a person of any build would be comfortable, ”said Sharshakov Told the Moskva news agency.

The three boats differ slightly in terms of design, he explained.

“The first has a rather calm exterior design: it is a modern ship that makes the passenger feel comfortable and at ease. The second is striking by the negative slope of the window and the separate captain’s cabin, which appears to hover above the water in front of the cockpit. This increases visibility and gives the ship a futuristic look. These trams will stand out at night, due to their characteristic front lights, ”said Sharshakov.

In the third boat, the captain’s cabin will be located on the second floor, which will further expand the view of passengers, the designer explained.

For an additional fee, passengers can have breakfast on board. According to the concept, boats will stop at river stations equipped with sheltered seats, as well as car parks and car parks. In addition, shuttles will run to and from the nearest metro station. This requires synchronized boat and bus schedules, which passengers can monitor in a special mobile app, as well as purchase tickets.

Regular electric riverboat services to launch in Moscow in 2022-2023, Moscow deputy mayor for transport Maxim Liksutov mentionned in a radio interview.

“Currently, only tourist and leisure boats sail in the capital. <...> We plan to make regular commuter services just as efficient. <...> The ships will be in the best traditions of the city: environmentally friendly, no harmful emissions in the air or water, fully electric. No other country has anything like it yet, ”Liksutov said.

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