Three months of free public transit and $400 in debit cards for some Americans

To fight gas prices, millions of Americans are getting free transit and $400 on debit cards.

California residents enjoy these benefits, as gas costs an average of $5.88 per gallon in the state.

US workers are running out of time to claim a $285 payout

Why is gas so high in California?

California has the second highest gasoline tax in the nation at 51 cents per gallon. The average person driving in California spends about $300 a year on gas taxes. Learn more here.

When can I get the money?

To combat high prices, Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed an $11 billion package to help struggling Americans.

California residents could get up to $400 to achieve the registered vehicle they own. However, there is a two-car limit. The total relief payments would amount to $9 billion.

If the package is approved, Americans could get the preloaded debit cards as early as July. The funds will be given to car owners, whether gas or electric.

The proposal included $750 million in grants. This would allow agencies to provide free transit for three months.

Newsom also proposed a $500 million project for biking and walking.

As part of the relief plan, $600 million will be used to cover diesel fuel sales tax for the year. $523 million would be used to “suspend an inflation-linked increase in the California gasoline tax.”

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