UCSD implements new parking permit policies

Beginning in the fall term of 2021, UC San Diego Transportation Services has made changes to its parking permit system for students and staff. Instead of the monthly, quarterly, and annual parking permit options previously available, consecutive day permits will instead be the primary form of parking permit available to students.

In an email to The UCSD Guardian, Associate Director of University Communications Leslie Sepuka explained that the new consecutive days permit will allow Newts to have a more flexible permit lasting from 30 to 365 days.

Students have several permit options available: SR permit (student resident) for students living on campus, D permit (reduction) and B permit for graduate students. First and second year students will only be allowed to make daily payments and purchase D parking permits under the first and second year parking restrictions introduced in 2020. Students can choose to purchase parking permits daily instead of monthly permits.

Depending on the parking space, prices may vary. Daily parking at P386 / Gliderport is $ 3; $ 4 for a daily D permit; $ 4.50 for a S or SR daily permit; and $ 5 for a B permit. For motorcycles, parking is $ 1.50, an amount lower than the $ 4 permit that was in place before the pandemic.

These permits are available on the ParkMobile app that UCSD used to process payments for parking. Students without a phone can also pay by calling ParkMobile at (877) -727-5932, using the UCSD Parking Portal, and using physical parking stations in parking lots and structures.

When asked why UCSD decided to use a new form of parking permit, Sepuka said that before the pandemic, permits were limited to help students get the parking spaces they needed. , but that often meant having vacancies.

“Quarterly S [commuter student] permits were capped to ensure that if students bought S parking, they could find a spot, ”Sepuka said. “While this provided the predictability that was desired, it also meant that there were times of the day and days of the week when large pockets of S parking were not in use.”

Prior to the students returning to campus, Transportation Services spoke with the Student Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC) and determined that daily parking would better serve as many students as possible.

On the UCSD Transportation flexible parking web page, students can find the complete list of parking zones they can use. If the total fee is over $ 6, maximum $ 65, it means the student is trying to access a parking zone for which they are not eligible.

Student reactions to the new parking policy have been mixed. In an interview with The Guardian, Claudia Carmona, a transfer first year student at John Muir College, endorsed the change and said that daily parking permits make commuting more convenient and less expensive.

“Now that some classes are on Zoom… I only go to campus twice a week,” Carmona said. “It doesn’t make sense to pay [for] a full month of parking.

Other students argued that the main problem with parking remains the lack of accessible parking spaces for traveling students and residents. Samuel Luo, a junior from Sixth College, said the changes discourage parking on campus.

“I don’t really like the changes because it requires you to park on campus less often than you would like, and you will have to use buses and scooters to get to classes,” Luo said. “Commuters may even have to prepare an hour or more in advance to get to class on time. ”

Byrant Cameron, a junior at Thurgood Marshall College, echoed Luo’s feelings about having to prepare longer to get to class.

“If I don’t arrive at least an hour before my 8:00 am class, I might have to park in the Whole Foods / Ralph’s parking lot,” Cameron said. “I already had to do it twice. It’s a mile from campus.

While the student parking spaces fill up quickly, students have noticed that the B and A parking spaces reserved for professors and graduate students are often empty.

“I saw an entire floor of empty B points as the students circle the structure looking for points like vultures,” Carmona noted. “It is very upsetting.”

In response to the lack of parking spaces available for students, UCSD Transportation Services announced in an email on Friday October 1 that new parking spaces were available for suburban students.

“Starting in week two, suburban students will find nearly 100 new S parking spaces on level 2 of the Hopkins parking structure and 70 new S parking spaces in the P304 parking lot,” the statement said.

With these new parking permits, students now face both the pros and cons of flexible parking. To learn more about these policies, please refer to the UCSD Transportation website.

Photo taken by Patrick Lazo for The UCSD Guardian

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