UNRA suspends Nakiwogo-Buwaya ferry services for one day

Entebbe, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Uganda National Roads Authority-UNRA announced planned disruptions to the Nakiwogo-Buwaya ferry services today, Sunday. According to UNRA, the ferry will carry road construction material from Zzinga Island to the mainland via Nakiwogo, Entebbe. The equipment was deployed to carry out maintenance work on the island of Zzinga.

In a press release, UNRA says the road works have been completed and the local government of Wakiso district has requested to use the ferry all day to transport the equipment to the mainland. The ferry operates from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., connecting Entebbe Municipality to Mpigi District.

It is authorized to carry 120 passengers, 10 cars and 20 motorcycles. The route is mainly used by residents of Entebbe who have farms in Buwaya and for business, while residents of Buwaya frequently travel to Entebbe for medical care at the Entebbe Regional Referral Hospital and in other other health centres, or mainly to sell foodstuffs and buy goods.

The ferry is free. In the absence of a ferry, travelers will use boats, which charge 3,000 shillings each way. UNRA advises motorists to use the Kisubi (Entebbe Road)-Ssisa-Nakawuka-Kasanje-Buwaya road as an alternative route. The road trip is unpopular because motorists spend over an hour on it as they have to navigate through potholes and dusty roads, among other things.

And yet, passengers spend less than 15 minutes using the ferry. Ferry services will resume on Monday July 18. Charles Magumba, the Town Clerk of Entebbe, recently said that UNRA will build a bridge connecting Nakiwogo-Buwaya within the next five years.

Nakiwogo and Buwaya mooring sites are 4 kilometers apart. The construction of the bridge is estimated at 270 million US dollars, or approximately more than one trillion shillings. Speaking at the fourth Entebbe Business Summit held on July 8, 2022, Magumba noted that the bridge would shorten the journey of travelers from Entebbe International Airport, mainly tourists, to western destinations. ‘Uganda.



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