West Seattle Blog… | Fauntleroy Cove Park Group enters lull for ferry dock project

The public phase of the Fauntleroy ferry terminal replacement project is in a summer lull – next stage, Washington State Ferries spokesperson Hadley Rodero says WSB, is that in “September, we will share the results of the next round of selections for the remaining project alternatives. However, community advocacy efforts are active, including a new group focused on savings creek park north of the existing wharf. The group has launched a website express their concerns. First, some information about Cove Park:

(Photo by BMS, July 18, 2015)

Exactly seven years ago – on July 18, 2015 – the small beachfront park reopened to the public after a three-year closure for a pumphouse upgrade. It’s officially a stretch of town street, not a Seattle Parks property, transformed by community members in the 90s. The new group is concerned about possible options for rebuilding the ferry terminal/wharf that could expand its footprint. One of the volunteers involved in the Save Cove Park effort, Diana Spence, explains: “We try to make the community aware that they can get involved in protecting Fauntleroy Cove. We do not support any option that would include expanding the footprint of the ferry terminal north. Spence says they’re waiting for more public involvement before taking a stand on any particular alternative currently in play. Right now they’re working on raising awareness and handing out road signs – more than 50 so far – as well as a letter writing campaign – more information is on the group’s website.

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